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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm sorry to say that I have set up comment moderation. Your comments will now not show up until after I have reviewed and approved them. You also will no longer be able to comment anonymously. I hope that this won't cause problems, please email me if you have concerns about it:

I know that my friends here understand that while the Internet is an open forum of many different ideas, this blog is my space and I need to control the message. I don't wish to silence anyone who has legitimate questions, concerns, or objections.

If you keep the language clean and polite, then I will certainly publish contrary opinions and allow for a friendly debate.

I will not publish comments with name-calling, excessive capital letters, or personal attacks.

Please remember, my firm belief is that we are all family and we should treat each other with the love, respect, and dignity that we show to our most beloved family members.

Oh, and on a different note, I wanted to mention that you'll now see a third blog listed on my profile. In case anyone sees that and is confused, I decided to set up another blog for yet another of my passions in life. I have this one for my religion and I have one for my knitting, my third big passion in life is disability rights. I know that seems a bit...different...from the other things you see around here, but it is another side of me. I get easily frustrated and angry about injustices I see against people who have disabilities, so I express rants calling out those behaviors on that blog.


  1. When one is open about one's belief/practices on the internet it unfortunately does invite bottom feeders (who always post anonymously probably because of shame!)

    In any case, best wishes/regards.

  2. I can quite understand you having to set comment moderation. I have my blog set so that comments are moderated for new commenters, but once a comment is accepted by default the same commenter does not need to comment again. I have also on occasion had to edit comments, though I always make it clear that I have done and why. There are a few people who seem to be able to write intelligent and meaningful comments, but then finish them with an expletive and a personal insult!

    I find it useful to have a comment policy so that people understand that it is a private blog space and not a public forum. I am pleased to say that most of the comments that I receive are relevant, polite and add to the site. Of those which I reject the vast majority are "spam comments", advertising some online store rather than anything directed against me or my blog explicitly.


  3. Hmm, that sounds complicated, Tandava, I don't know how to set up for moderation only for new commenters, but I'll try to figure it out!

  4. Aamba,
    I don't know if you can do it in blogger. I use Wordpress where it is the default so I didn't have to do anything clever.

  5. Aamba it is very simple to enable the comment moderation in blogspot.
    Here is what you need to do :-
    1) Log in to your blog.
    2) Click on "settings" menu
    3) Click on "comments" menu
    4) Scroll down to section "Comment moderation" and choose appropriate options.
    5) You can also restrict users to comment at section "Who Can Comment?" on the same page (comments).

  6. Thanks, Pravin, I'll take a look. I've got the basic comment moderation on and it's working well, but I'm not sure about letting regular commenters get through without moderation, I will see!