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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There's nothing new going on with me these days, so I'm light on material for posts. Here are some links to some interesting conversations to keep you entertained!

Feel free to comment on things you read at these links and start a discussion, maybe it will inspire me!


  1. since you are light on ideas .......have you heard of the bauls in india (mostly in bengal)?

    there is a recent book by dalrymple - nine lives.
    it narrates nine stories based on individuals from diverse religious traditions in modern india .
    one of the chapters is about the bauls.

    there is also a recent bengali movie - moner manush (dearest man - possibly alluding to god) . it is a kind of biographical film on the most famous baul - lalan fakir.

  2. by the way, today is vivekananda's birthday. correct me if i am wrong - but i think he is the first person who took hinduism to west.

  3. Thank you for the thoughts. I will go do some reading and see what I find! :)