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Friday, December 31, 2010

How to Wear a Sari

Let's lighten things up for a bit, shall we?

I promised a while back to post information about how to wear a sari for those who don't know or are intimidated by it.

As it turns out, I don't have to put up directions and take pictures, etc. because I just found a wonderful YouTube video for it. It looks like these girls are developing a website with useful information for young Indian women. I'll be keeping an eye on their videos!


  1. wearing a sari is not difficult . What is difficult is wearing a sari nicely. But I wear it nicely. Ppl say so.

  2. I just cheat and get all my saris tailored. Wrap, hook, hook, wrap, through pullo over shoulder -Done! No fussing with even pleats, no worrying that they'll all fall out of the petticoat. One day I'll go for un-tailored, after I get more comfortable wearing them!

  3. Aishah, I've never tried that! I heard about it and I've been suggesting it to my mom because she doesn't want to learn.

    I just dove in. I wrapped it terribly the first couple of times, but I think I've got it pretty good now!

    For some reason I've never worried about it falling out of the petticoat. *shrug* I don't know why.

    Ela, I don't know if I wear mine nicely or not, I think people are too stunned that I've got one on at all!

  4. Happy New yEAR TO ALL,
    an interesting and uplifting story especially for white converted hindus. -surya

  5. I am miserable at wrapping my own sari. I need help and safety pins. I have watched these types of videos, but it is just really hard for me.

  6. LuckyFatima, I think there's nothing better than in-person instruction. I learned at first from a cousin and after that first time, I was able to follow videos until I got the hang of it. But I still wear suits mostly, so easy and so comfortable!

    Surya, that's a nice little story. I think it is valuable to see examples of people choosing different religions from the ones they were born in, not because the religion they went to was better, but because it was a better fit for that person.

  7. I'm looking forward to getting my dhoti's. I'm sure I'm going to bugger it the first few goes.

  8. I have no idea how a dhoti works. That's a garment that I think has a lot more danger of falling apart or showing inappropriate things! Be careful :)

  9. If one can wrap a Towel around one's hip and walk around without it falling off,then one can wear a Dhothi.