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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My parents

My mom just sent me this article about Sanskrit Day in Boston. She and my Dad are in some of the pictures!

Sanskrit enthusiasts celebrate language | Articles | INDIA New England

This is them here:

I'm so proud of them!

(The other non-Indian couple in the pictures are friends of my parents, they have all been studying together for more than thirty years now)


  1. Are you a sort of scholar in Sanskrit,as very few people in India are good in Sanskrit(Including me :( ).

    I would like to congratulate you and your family for your endeavor.


  2. Now i know where your expertise in deonagri script and sanskrit comes should be rightfully proud of them... i know i would be if they were my parents.. or if my parents did something like this.

  3. I studied Sanskrit a tiny bit. My mom taught me the alphabet when I was a kid, and I took a semester of it in college.

    It is very hard! That's one of the reasons I switched to learning Hindi.