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Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Pakistani to American

I was reading the Gori Wife Life blog and she had a funny post about how her Pakistani husband is embracing the culture of the American South.

"I come from The South but my Pakistani born and bred husband seems to be working harder on embodying the typical redneck persona."

I think a lot of people enjoy testing out other cultures and it's great when we can feel comfortable adopting the parts that we like, that make sense to us. And when it's a culture that we weren't born to, we do put a lot of effort into it!


  1. I think I am a cultural chameleon sometimes. I move geographically and culturally a lot due to my career. Its pretty amazing how you can be accepted and fit in anywhere, if you are open enough to do so.

  2. I am sorry, I am forced to curse you, Bitch, DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MUSLIM CULTURE??????? without knowing ISLAM CULTUREand following Half baked Hindu culture, DO not Post as if you know everything. ISLAM is present to destroy you and your culture , it is a political ideology, IT IS ARAB IMPERIALISM ,Why I am FORCED to post this is, because Lot of other ignorant Hindus will read this , I know ,this will comment be deleted. This is not for others , this is for you only. I know, What can one expect from a melcha , Who loves to eat BEEF.

  3. Whoever you are annoymous but you are disguting. And this comes to you from a born hindu.For ur kind information Hindus have been eating beef since Vedic period. Cow became sacred mainly because of economic reason. Ur cursing Amba is not going to hurt her but it shows the filth that lies inside you. As a hindu I am ashamed of you.

  4. At least Amba is haonest to admit that she eats beef but u dont have guts to give ur name.

  5. Wow Anon, you are an idiot. See Sita, this is one of the small-minded Hindu's I talked about in the past that think Western Hindu's are nothing more than avarnic mleccha's. He's so busy preaching to the world about the evils of Islam he forgets to see the beauty and tolerance in his own religion.

    I'll admit, I'm weary of the "Islamic" agenda, and have spoken out against it, but I do not force my own views onto others.

  6. I do not eat beef.

    I am not a half baked Hindu. I am fully Hindu, it is my life.

    Islam is not related to my practice of Hinduism. I am not interested in Islam. I have my own feelings about Islam, however, I have friends who are Muslims and I respect their choice.

    If you continue to post hateful messages, I will be forced to moderate comments before they are posted and I would really rather not do that.

    Please take your disgusting thoughts somewhere else.


  7. (I've been a vegetarian since May)

  8. " I have my own feelings about Islam, however, I have friends who are Muslims and I respect their choice."

    I am not sure why you have to hedge your defense from this creep with this statement.

    It is self-evident that you have your own thoughts about Islam, Christianity, and other faiths due to your adherence to Hinduism. You are a Hindu, not a Muslim. It is divisive to say "I respect X religion/lifestyle…though I have my own thoughts on it, I disagree with some aspects of it," etc.

    I hope you don't feel I am attacking you, but I am very pro-pluralism, interfaith living, and co-existence, and I can only imagine that you are exactly the same way. Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai stuff. And I live it. So I just had to comment on that. I do very much enjoy your writing and am also interested in your blog as a fellow Indiaphile and a person interested in religion---hope it is okay with you to speak my mind on that.

  9. Sorry, sweetie, I was so flustered I didn't quite know what to say! I have to admit, there are aspects of Islam that make me very uncomfortable, but I strive not to give in to base fear and to continue to learn.

    Despite massive philosophical differences, I will say that every single individual Muslim that I have ever known has been a wonderful, kind, respectful, and peace-loving person.

    I am so glad to have people here of different beliefs and religions, finding common ground and learning to understand one another. Your insight and perspective is so valuable to me and helps me to become a better person.

  10. Amba, I wish people use their intelligence to appreciate that others also have intelligence and can chose what to do with their life.Not only is the anonymous' rant hurtful it is also stupid;not only to you but others who call themselves Hindu.I am glad you have started moderation;I am sorry I did not read/comment here earlier,but I had to be away suddenly to visit my husband's Grandmother who is seriously ill.