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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wear Your Sari to Work Day!

So, our friend over at White Girl Coming Out of the Saree Closet had the thought to wear a sari to work for Diwali. She ended up wearing a salwar kameez, but a friend of hers suggested a Wear a Sari to Work Day and I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea.

Indeed, I decided that I should organize one.

I'll have to decide on a day, I'm thinking a Monday so that everyone in your office can enjoy something bright and beautiful on a glum day.

If your office has a dress code that wouldn't allow for a sari, you could wear it after work for the rest of your day.

Of course, there are a lot of male readers here, so I have nothing for you. If you want to you could wear a kurta, I don't recommend trying a dhoti!

I can post ideas about where to get a sari and pictures and videos on how to wrap it. Once I pick a day, I'll advertise on Facebook as well as here. We can increase the visibility of Indian culture in the western world and we can show that there are gorgeous, amazing clothing options out there that are not centered around jeans or a wrap dress.

If people ask, tell them The White Hindu told you to do it ;) Trust me, Indian grannies will be thrilled to see their clothing being worn by young people or non-Indian people.

All the girls can participate in this, even if you live in India and it's not as shocking.

Let's do it!

Hmmm, I'm going to take the total lack of comments as lack of interest. I'm not doing this by myself! So, until people start saying that they're on board, I won't proceed with organizing. But I will probably still at some point post information about how to wear sari in various styles.


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  2. Hello,

    How on earth did I miss this one?!?!?
    When you do do it, let me know and I can do it over here in the UK.

  3. I don't know how you missed it, Shwetika! I put it up just for you :) I kind of gave up on the idea because no one seemed interested...

  4. Hello Aamba, Googling 'wear a sari to work day' brought me to your blog. And the reason I was googling? I have been bitten by the bug to wear a sari at least once a year to work and to organize some kind of a campaign and see where it goes. How lovely to find that there is someone else already with the same idea! Maybe we can work together on this? I will write back after I hear from you.

  5. I am terrible at organizing things, so I would be delighted to pass this on to you! :P

    I haven't checked my email in a couple months, but I'll look at it today, so you can write to me there!

  6. Aamba, I am somewhat behind in my organizing but I just finished this post (where I have linked to you and your blogger friend):

  7. I've long been pondering adopting the sari as my daily garment. I lament its death as a "normal" garment (as opposed to one that is for special occasions only). I've been wearing them on Sundays to the Vedanta Society here in New York, but have yet to make the switch at work. Waiting for warmer weather. Maybe one day a week would be easier to start with! Shall we?

  8. Great idea! It was so much easier to do than I expected and I felt wonderful in it all day. I'm going to wear one again this Friday because I'm going to helping teach some ladies how to wear them during lunch...that's a long story, but the point is I will be wearing one to work again very soon.

    Once your coworkers get used to it, it will be no big deal at all, and mine took less than five minutes to be used to it!