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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy and Content


Here I am on my way to my Diwali party. I had an awesome time. (I got mistaken for Indian twice!) The potato dish I brought wasn't great, it was somewhat undercooked, but I am going to try making it again.

I got to see friends and meet new people and play games and enjoy great company. I'm really feeling very comfortable and content with my life right now. It's very nice.

Kodanda asked if I put on any holiday weight and that will have to wait for next Friday's weigh-in to see, but chances are yes! So far I have lost 13 pounds, but I may have put one or two back on this weekend ;)


  1. Remember I once told you look like a Kashmiri Brahmin,so dont be surprised if Indans mistook you for an Indian woman.Anyway you look very pretty.

  2. Glad to read that you had great time, you look very nice sari thank you for sharing with us

  3. I saw the pictures you were tagged in. You looked so beautiful in the saree. But I still need to question your blouse hehehe. Didn't the saree come with material for the blouse? But regardless of it all, very pretty!! =)

    I'm leaving this sat so won't be able to catch up on your blog whilst I'm there but I'll put updates on FB. Happy Diwali once again Aamba!!

  4. Actually, it's interesting that you picked up on the blouse, Dhurga. None of my saris came with blouses (or matching material to make one). I have about ten saris and none of them have blouses. I wear the same black one I got from ebay with every sari!

  5. That is indeed weird that none of the saress cames with matching blouses. Usually you'd have to tear the blouse section of the saree. But some sarees do not have the blouse attached. Hehe what fabric of saree do you normally purchase?

    Try USTAV. They have a myriad of sarees and custom sew your blouse according to your measurements. Try it once!!!!

  6. Yeah, I think mine were all without because I'm cheap. :D I bought most of them from ebay. I have been eyeing USTAV, I really want to order from them, but the price makes me reluctant.

  7. I'm cheap too! Actually my theory with sarees are that if you put abit of extra dosh and get something better, it'll last you awhile and if you deceide you no longer want it, sew it into a punjabi suit.

    Try this link: I think this will suit your taste and budget.

  8. That is an excellent way of thinking, Dhurga! I am trying to learn to appreciate quality over quantity in clothes :)

    Thank you for the link, that sari is beautiful and I couldn't really ask for a lower price!

  9. That should be your new mantra now. Quality over quantity. In the long run, you would have spent less than more. And like I said, my mum's done curtains and pillow cases and tables spreads out of them. A great way to decorate the house in a very thrifty way.

    I looked at that saree and knew that it'll go well against your skin tone, plus there is only 2 colours on it and the sequins give it that extra sparkle. I demand you purchase it and wear it for the New Year Aamba ;).

  10. Well, yes ma'am! :D If you insist!

  11. you look beautiful . more importantly you look very comfortable in sari.

    happy, belated dewali.

    - basu

  12. Thank you, Basu! Happy belated Diwali to you as well