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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Indian Decorating

First of all, I'm probably not going to be posting as often for a little while. School is getting very busy and I am running out of time for everything I need to do!

But, today I'm going to post some links about decorating. I love to decorate, even though I think I'm only just starting to develop an eye for what goes together well.

I am going to be doing some redecorating next month, so I'm looking for inspiration. did a post about Indian decor and in the comments Gori Girl suggested these:

And I found this one An Indian Summer

I also found some neat looking books on Amazon (inspired by seeing a coffee table book on Indian Decor at my study group)

India Decorations

Indian Interiors

Home Decorating Indian Style

For further inspiration, here is a Google image search on Indian Decor

So far I do have wall art that is Indian, one poster from Dolls of India (They have a lot of beautiful items and they are very friendly. Even though it isn't one of their items, they tracked down a copy of Lord of the Rings in Hindi for me) and several beautiful prints from a Krishna Calendar that my Hindi Teacher gave me. I also have a 3D Krishna framed that was given to me as a "Secret Santa" gift a couple of years ago. I have several Ganesha statues throughout my apartment, also.

I would like to add a lot of fabric. Many pillows of various sizes, layers of curtains in vibrant colors, etc.


  1. Hi,

    welcome to my blog.Hope u are find it interesting specially my Hinduism and Indian tradition corner as I understand your inclination towards both.

    Please free to open any discussion on Hinduism or Indian traditions would love to be a part of it.

    Enjoy blogging!

  2. Well I once saw a portrait of Krishna as a custodian for Arjun it. It was a very over whelming with the chariot and the horses. It was hanged at a very strategic spot in my friends house.Reminded me every time of the Geeta when I entered his house.(Very similar to this one here: Another thing you can try is cleverly placing natraj or ganesha.

  3. I can't wait to actually start decorating! I am relying on a lot of gift cards to Pier 1 and Home Goods for Christmas!

  4. Yes, Jubeee's post inspired me to do MORE decorating! I hit Pier 1 and World Market this past weekend. And a few little decor shops that I found driving around the uptown/hip part of my city. I think I went overboard...I actually need to return some things because I have nowhere to put all of it!

  5. I'll have to post pictures when I finish decorating!

  6. I love the ideas "An Indian Summer"! So stylist and lovely!