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Monday, November 8, 2010

Interracial Love

It seems that there has been an explosion of mixed race couples lately, half Indian and half something else (usually white) and a lot of these couples are moving back to and living in India.

An article came out in India a few weeks ago profiling a bunch of women who have blogs about their relationships with Indian men. Here is one blog that scanned and showed the article. I was contacted about participating in this article too, but it is focused on interracial relationships and I had to inform the person who contacted me that I'm not in a relationship and my connection to Indian culture has nothing to do with me meeting and falling in love with an Indian man :/

I've discovered more and more and more of them as I explore. I think this all began with The White Indian Housewife, here are several more:

This couple is Muslim and live in Pakistan, I know the woman from the knitting site Ravelry and she is a white American:

This is a Sikh couple with a white wife. I think I mentioned her a few days ago too

It sounds like this couple is no longer together:(

And I'm sure there are many more too! (Not to mention, a few I already have linked on the side, like our friend Kat and the Big Bad Bahu Blog).

I also know a friend of a friend from college who is married to an Indian man and apparently they are moving to India later this year.

I'm fascinated by this trend and I'm happy to see the world coming together like this, the boundaries between people melting, and the sharing of different cultures. I think it's wonderful.

It's too bad I haven't found any blogs of white men with Indian women. I know that happens too, but maybe men are less likely to write on the Internet about their relationships...?


  1. I'm married to an Indian man, too! :)

  2. Awesome! It's great that there's a lot of information and support to help with interracial relationships now, particularly desi/non-desi ones!

  3. I am a white American and my husband is Pakistani. The GoriWife is also married to a Pakistani...I think it is better to say "married to South Asian man" if you are going to link people cuz some of us are involved with Nepalese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, etc. not all Indians. But since the cultures are connected and have a lot of overlap, it is nice to network and communicate with each other as one big online community. Thanks for taking note of Aisha...also Americannepali is a great blog, a fave of mine. I also have a humble, nothing little blog if you ever care to visit :-) aapka swaagat hai!

  4. Thanks for the information, Fatima, that is very helpful. You're right, there are a lot of similar, but still distinct nationalities going on in this community. I'd love to take a look at your blog :)

  5. Wonder how many of those moving back are South Asian women married to white males. My (rather limited) experience is that if an asian woman marries a white man, she is considered to have left the community but if an asian man marries a white woman, they are still welcomed.

  6. I just found another blog to add to the list, an Indian Hindu woman married to a African Muslim man. I'll have to dig up the URL and post it, I'm excited to find one with a South Asian woman.