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Friday, November 5, 2010

शुभ दीपावली


This is my door decoration currently. (Since I started it, I can't complain if people put up Christmas messages on their doors!)

The chocolate burfi turned out great. It's an easy recipe to do, using the microwave, I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow I'm going to make an aloo dish I've never done before and head to a party in Virginia!


  1. Wish you a very Happy Diwali too!

  2. Check your email woman ,I sent you an e-card :P

    Happy Diwali and may your neighbours not get freaked out :D

  3. Happy Deepavali to you too. I see that you were able to get the Hindi wordings on the greeting just fine. :-)

  4. *Big Smile* Thanks for the well wishes, I'm having a lovely day and looking forward to an even better one tomorrow!

  5. Ramadas Lamba is another devout white hindu. Please read his article on Huffingtonpost on deepavali. Very informative, i learnt a few facts from it myself. Happy Diwali / deepavali to you all.

  6. Belated happy and prosperous Dipavali.I had not gone near the comp. for last two days. Hence the delay.

  7. Ramdas Lamb is a Ramanandi :D

    So Aamba, all in all was it good for you? Get any holiday weight from it?

  8. @ Kodanda
    See if you can follow this recently released ‘ramayan’, an hindi animation film, no subtitles though.
    Hope with your knowledge you will be able to follow the sequences. I watched it,is good for children. Surya