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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Resources

Someone commented and left this link a couple weeks ago:

I haven't done too much exploring there yet, but it seems like it will be a very useful resource. It is put together by Chinmaya, the organization that I now belong to. You can also read more at: And there is also a link to their Facebook group.

I also found something else neat. During my trip to Rosetta Stone in New York, I was given an ipod touch, so now I can experience apps (I've been so jealous of people with iphones!)

Going through the app store I found one called ipooja, which seems like an awesome idea. It comes with one pooja already on it for free, and the idea is that you can buy others (although their store doesn't seem to have much in it, so I hope they will come out with more).

These are the elaborate poojas for certain occasions and not a simple, every day type. But it has a section where it tells you all the things you need for the pooja, then how to set it up, then what to do and what chants to say, etc. It just guides you step by step.

I think this is an awesome idea! Here is their website:

Looking into it further, I found some other similar apps, like this ipuja:

Here's one that answers questions about Hindu rituals and customs:

The only one I've tried so far is the ipooja, but I'm looking forward to downloading the others and seeing how they are.

It's amazing, isn't it, how technology has changed our lives. Only ten years ago, I wasn't sure what this whole "Inter-net" thing was. And look at me now! :)

ETA: I just tried the ipuja and I wasn't able to get it to work. I might try redownloading it. Also I found some other neat apps. If you look up "Hindu" in itunes app store you'll find things like
bhajan lyrics
prayers to use in Aartis
A Ganesha picture to which you can offer flowers, ring a bell, and break a coconut
And a low price one called imantra, in which you move virtual mala beads and listen to various different mantras that you select.


  1. Amba,

    Some useful links here:

    yes the info out there on web is amazing the only constraint now is the time to sponge it...

  2. Don't watch Sita Sings the Blues, it's rubbish and denigrating and for some odd reason people love it.

  3. @Kodanda- It is fashionable to denigrate Hindu icons[whether book/avatars/deities/practices] especially in India.
    @ Amba,thanks for the links Amba and anonymous. I have read Michel Danino's "the Invasion that never was"- Well written and well argued,and very interesting.

  4. Wow, yay for more links.

    Hinduism Today had an article about Sita Sings the Blues and it was very moving. I haven't seen the film yet, but they didn't think it was disrespectful. Now I'm quite curious!

  5. I was recently gifted a used ipod touch and I'm LOVING mine! I want to get one of the meditation or chant apps.. definitely imantra is on the top of the list. I have something called 'mala' which was free but I don't like that it sometimes goes backwards when you click it.

  6. Let us know any good apps that you find, Mouse!