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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going extinct

White Indian Housewife has a brief post about the (crazy) people who really do think that white people are superior and who give her a hard time about marrying an Indian man. It's a good read:

There are people out there who are concerned that the white race is in decline and will go extinct. This doesn't worry me at all. Yes, paleness is a trait that is usually dominated by darker skin, so a white person and a brown person will have a brown baby in most cases. Is that a problem, though?

To me, as long as the human race doesn't go extinct, we're in good shape.

People are people and we are all equally capable of leading fulfilling lives as human beings. If in a couple hundred years there cease to be any white people at all, I wouldn't be at all distressed.

So what if paleness goes extinct?

(Oh, and I wanted to add something about the having kids that look like you. My cousin is white and her husband is from South American ancestry, I believe. They have two children. The girl looks exactly like my cousin except her skin is darker and the boy looks exactly like her husband except very pale. These things can be quite unpredictable!)

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  1. I think Russell Peters says it best when he says someday we are all going to be beige....uh for reason's only HE can best describe!!!! LOL