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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In case you couldn't tell...

Sorry to be a downer today. If you couldn't tell, my boyfriend and I broke up last night.

For the girls looking forward to and waiting for fun Indian wedding stuff, here's a couple of links of amazing American/Indian (and sometimes other nationalities) weddings with pictures worth drooling over:



  1. It's his loss.Soon enough, you'll find someone who treats you like the devi you are.

  2. is your faith posing a potential problem in future..soryy anyways.surya

  3. i am sorry.maybe there is a way around the problem...; maybe it is for the good...;only time will tell...;and time heals.wishing you the best in everything

  4. Amba I m extremely sorry.I had guessed it when you had written that you got ur nose pierced.There was a sadness in ur post about marriage plan.I know it is his loss.Plz be brave.

  5. Oh, please don't anyone think it is his fault!

    He is a very kind man who has treated me very nicely. That's why this has been a very confusing time. I feel that I should want to be with him, but my inner turmoil is confusing me too much, so I broke things off to have some time to figure out what I really want.

    We may get back together in the future, it's impossible to know at this point, but I do know that I need some space and time alone to sort through some things!

  6. Amba, I hope everything turns out the best for you. Take care.