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Monday, March 7, 2011

Yikes, wear your sari to work tomorrow?

Ms. Malathi has written this wonderful post about wearing sari and she suggests that we hold our wear a sari to work day March 8th, because apparently it is women's day...? I didn't know that!

Of course, March 8th is tomorrow!

Will I be brave enough to put on a sari for work tomorrow? (Thank goodness it isn't the day of our big presentation).

I'm going to try to do it and I'll get a picture to post here if I do!

By the way, on the subject of clothes, I saw a woman in Wal-mart yesterday wearing a beautiful, bright green and pink salwar kameez and she didn't look Indian at all. She was black, but she could have been mixed race. I didn't get up the courage to go over to her and compliment her outfit. :(


  1. Yikes, indeed! But if you're brave enough, maybe I can be, too... (I have a lunch appointment and the thought of being in public in a sari scares the crap out of me; I have no idea why that is).

    Best of luck!

  2. Brrrr! It is Women's Day, but you will be chilly! You're going to have to go for the auntie look: thick cardigan over your sari.

  3. Hahaha! Yes, I do dress like an old lady pretty frequently, and I have been known to put a cardigan over a sari.

    Well, it was warm here yesterday, so here's hoping that it is warm and spring like tomorrow!

  4. I remember the very first time I wore a sari out of the house. My heart was pounding so hard I could hardly hear anything! I walked down the street to my grad school and met up with some Indian kids I had never met before! I got comfortable pretty quickly, though.


    There are Afro-Indians/Pakistanis...the sheedis. I doubt that lady was one, cuz I have not heard of a lot of them being in the USA, but just thought you might find it interesting that being black does not negate being desi. Maybe she is married to a desi guy or just happens to like shalwar qameez. Ya never know.

    I am currently a stay at home mom, so I won't be joining in. Have fun, though.

  6. It's true, she has as much right to wear one as I have, and I think it's great if we don't even need a reason!

    I totally would have complimented her on it, but she was there with her son and it looked like they were having a disagreement, so I didn't want to interrupt.

  7. Thank you, Aamba. I am sorry about the really short notice but it didn't occur to me until late Saturday night that Tuesday is the annual International Women's Day. Yes, I too am hoping it doesn't get too cold tomorrow. I live in Winnipeg, Canada, where it can get treacherously cold. And believe me, I am so scared, shy and nervous myself. I am going to print a label that says, 'I'm wearing a sari in honour of International Women's Day' and pin it prominently on my left shoulder. Whether people are curious or not, it will make me feel better. Good luck, and I'll write to you about the experience.

  8. Oh, the label is a fantastic idea!

    I'm psyched up and ready. My sari and blouse are sitting out on my chair now. I'm doing it!

  9. Hi Aamba, So how did it go? I sent you an e-mail to your aambablog address. Hope you checked it.