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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holi Recap

Holi was pretty good, I drove a little over an hour to the temple in VA where Hindi Day had been. There was food, and stands and performances of folk and classical dance.

I dragged along a Jewish friend, but I didn't know anyone else. As it turns out, it's a bit hard to get into the spirit of throwing colored powder at complete strangers.

Next year I think I'll hit the Hari Krishna temple with my friend K.


  1. There is a Hare Krishna temple in Utah around where I went to college and I went to services once for a religion class. Very interesting, but I am sad that I never participated in Holi and I regret it. It looks so exciting!

  2. Oh, you should if you ever get a chance! It is really fun. It's almost Eastery in a way, with all the bright, spring time colors.