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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Won't Aamba Do?

I don't know the answer to that question yet. What I won't do has not been discovered. Wearing a sari in my regular day life is not that thing!

Here's the photographic evidence that I did indeed wear my sari today:

I went to my therapy appointment, to work, and also to the mall and the grocery store for work errands! No big deal, I could totally do this on a regular basis :)

No one at my office batted an eye at it. They are far too prepared for my eclectic and unusual wardrobe. In the mall we passed a couple of ladies wearing full head coverings and they smiled at me. At one store the girl behind the counter told me she loved what I was wearing.

So all together it was a hit. Next year maybe my female office mates will want to join in, I wish I had thought to bring some extra saris for them to put on!


  1. डियर वाइट हिन्दू ,
    आप साडी मे बहुत अच्छी लग रही है ।

  2. Yay for solidarity!

    I stand by what I said about your draping skills. Nice pleats!

  3. Thanks, guys! :D I think this is a good example of how a sari makes you instantly beautiful. It looks so good that you hardly notice that my hair needs washing and I'm not wearing any makeup!

  4. I agree with the others, very nice! I have always loved Indian clothing, and recently decided to take the step. I wore my first salwar kameez and surprisingly got some very favorable remarks. I have purchased a sari, and anticipate stepping out in it very soon.