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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Secret Thoughts

Kat found this on PostSecret, which is a place where people let out their secrets anonymously.

I hope that who ever wrote this keeps looking and keeps trying.

It seems to me that whatever religion touches your heart and makes sense to you is the right one for you to follow.

However, it isn't that simple if you worry about your family or other outside factors.

I can say from my own personal experiencing, following your heart and letting go of the fear of what others will think, feels fantastic and makes you a much happier person.


  1. I totally agree, on all accounts.

    (But I wish I had this person in front of me, because I'd say, "go for it!" Because it's worth it.)

  2. But it is much easier to do it in the US than in other countries. It can be fatal.

    Anisah, grew up Christian, converted to/then left Islam, current Agnostic

  3. Of course, the funny thing about this is, the U.S. is probably the easiest place in the world to change religion.

    In most parts of the world, the religion you belong to is the one that most people in your country are part of, all of your community is part of, etc.!

    The U.S. is fairly unique in its variety of religions and the way people are able to move around to new ones.