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Friday, October 15, 2010

Holiday plans

Being connected to a variety of Indian communities has served me really well this year.

My study group people are having a Navratri puja at their home tonight that I've been inviting to. I've picked out a sari to wear!

I am also signed up for a few Indian meet up groups on Usually their events are too far away (often in Virginia, which is just a tad far for me), or they are doing bar hoping or some other "young person" thing that I've never been that interested in. However, on Saturday some people are getting together to find places doing Garba and other celebrations and I'll be joining in for that.

I'll have to do my relaxing time after holiday season is over! :D


  1. Oh Aamba,

    I wish you lived in this area so that we could be festival buddies.

    We have a big Diwali festival in my area

    We also have two temples in the area as well which have all the necessary puja's.

    Have fun. I'm going to try and get up the courage to go to the festival with Adi's friends....just sad he's not here to go with me.

    Festival wishes,

  2. Do send us pictures of the festival and You in Saree!