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Friday, October 1, 2010

About Me

So, I realized that all you guys hear about me is the parts related to religion and I thought it might be nice to get a more rounded picture of me and what I'm like.

I am 28 years old. I live on my own in the North Eastern part of the U.S. I have a brother who is four and half years younger than I and he is my only sibling. Our mother comes from the Northern part of the country and our father from the South. We have many, many cousins and are a close-knit family.

I am the "creative one" in my immediate family. My father is a molecular biologist, my mother studied geography in school, and my brother just got a degree in information systems (something to do with computers and business). I got a B.A. and an M.A. in Fiction Writing!

My favorite job was when I was working as a proofreader. I love grammar and correcting grammar all day is a dream come true. Right now I'm working as a secretary and I've gone back to school to get a certificate to be a paralegal.

I've lived in five states in America, very spread out. They are: Massachusetts, New York, California, Arkansas, and Maryland.

I've visited Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and England (three times in England).

My brother has always considered me to be a most boring person. I'm a home body. I don't like to stay up late or go to bars or parties. I'm an introvert, so I find social situations overwhelming and scary. Plus, I hate the taste of alcohol, I hate loud noise, and I hate crowds. The usual twenty-something social scene is not for me!

I don't read social cues very well, but in college I stopped worrying about it. Now I just say what comes to mind and try to small talk with people without thinking too much about whether they dislike me or I'm making them uncomfortable. I trust that people will tell me.

I have a lot of hobbies that I am very passionate about. I do a lot of knitting and crocheting. I take on knitting with a fierce energy that goes against its reputation as something to relax with. I like to create things, whether its socks, a sweater, a blanket, a book, or a cake.
I made this shirt, can you believe this is only two years ago? I look so young!

I love extra long hair. I find it the most beautiful thing in the world and I always stare at women with hair to their knees or longer. I have always wanted to have such hair, ever since I saw Crystal Gayle on tv when I was a small child and her hair pooled on the floor around her. I have never managed my goal because of problems with guilt. Most of my young life I was hemmed in by tremendous feelings of guilt over everything. Especially guilt about having nice things. I didn't feel like I deserved to have beautiful hair and that it was vain and prideful of me to grow it, so if it ever got to around waist, I would cut it. I'm finished with that. Now I am going to grow the hair I have always wanted. I'll keep growing until it decides to stop, whatever length that might be. I get support for my crazy from, where I am also learning fun, fancy updos for hair.

I have a tremendous weakness for gossip magazines at the grocery store. I love the pictures and the wild stories, it's like a real-life soap opera.

I love to play games, both board games and computer games. My recent boyfriend introduced me to World of Warcraft and I really enjoy that one! Previous to that I mostly just played The Sims and I was nervous to try a game that involved a lot of fighting. Then I discovered that I liked fighting things in the game. :)

I love small, cute things and particularly small dogs. When I finally got my own dog three years ago, I got a toy terrier. She is full grown and weighs 13 pounds. She has traveled across the country with me and been my constant companion. She's got a huge personality and she still gets me up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning to use the bathroom. I treat her like my child (a common occurrence in America) and I pour all my love into her.

I was mentioning in the comments that I have bad taste in movies. I am not at all interested in special effects in movies. I like movies that most people consider painfully boring. If it has philosophical questions about the meaning of life, I'm sure to like it. Then again, I find philosophical questions about the meaning of life in almost everything.

Back in school I took Spanish classes for a couple of years, but I dropped them because I was too nervous to be put on the spot to speak. In high school I took Latin because I wouldn't have to speak it. I was terrible at both Spanish and Latin. My translations were...creative.

That's an area of my life where I've made a lot of growth. I'm not in a Hindi class and I speak and answer questions every time (there are only two students in the class). I've stopped having a problem with making a fool of myself.

I really believe in self-improvement. I am always striving to make myself a better person, to cleanse and guide my soul.

So there you are, some other things about me.

And in case you want something more relevant, here are some recent posts on a Hindi Blog about the history of the official languages of India (Bonus, this is a new writer for this blog and he is great, he actually puts the post in both English and Hindi side by side).


  1. I'm currently learning Hindi from my husband's family. Thank you so much for sharing the links to the Hindi Blog!

    PS- Your dog is adorable!

  2. If you ever need anything to knit I could use new knee socks to wear with my kilt :)

  3. Well that is so cool that you can knit and crochet, I can only crochet I'm learning how to knit. My mom and Nana along with neighbor thought me how to crochet the are all right handed and I'm lefty hehe it was interesting. I know great site for crochet if you would like it.
    That is cool that you are not into the whole club party bar thing I'm not as well I see your point there I'm another sims fan here I love your dog so cute

  4. And you knit, too! Brilliant. This was an awesome share; thanks for the knitting photos (the sweater is pretty nifty).

  5. If any of you knitters are on Ravelry, I'm CraftyCarolyn and I have quite a few photos up!

    Jessica, if you click the label "Hindi" on the side of the blog you'll find my first post, which is full of every website and Hindi resource I could find! :)

  6. Oh and, Kodanda, I do love a good kilt, but I decided a couple years ago to be extremely limited in how often I knit for other people.

    In the world of knitting there are "process" knitters and "product" knitters. I'm a product knitter, my enjoyment in knitting comes from imagining myself wearing the finished product, so I rarely enjoy knitting a gift and I drag and take FOREVER to finish. :) So sorry, no gift knits from me.

  7. You look fabulous in the sweater-top!

  8. I'm on raverly if you like crochet check out it's great site and he's on yotube too. I'm also learning hindi as well vivia livemocha

  9. I didn't like livemocha. I have it on my list of resources for people, but it really didn't work for me. It particularly bothers me that it's hard to get it to stay in script. I don't like reading Hindi in Roman script.

  10. Thanks for the crochet website, Nickelo, I think I'm about to get distracted for a while!

    Also, I just started up a new knitting blog tonight, so if you go to my profile, you will now see a second blog!

  11. I always love reading your entries, but it was also nice to hear more about you as a person. I think you and I share a lot of similarities in personality and taste.

    Love the updo. Gorgeous. :)

  12. Thanks, Franny! I love playing with all the new updos I have learned. I wish you didn't live so far away or we would definitely hang out.

  13. And thanks for the compliment, SM! I am glowing :)

  14. You are a fantastic knitter.And you are looking lovely too.I have always liked long thin faces.

  15. I am pretty proud of my knitting. My face, well, some days I like it and some days I don't. It isn't as long and thin anymore! But I've joined a weight loss program and hoping to get back to that shape soon :)

  16. Hey, you really spilled your life out here, and that took a lot. Wanted to say though that hair is not the most beautiful thing in the world...your personality and spirit are. This is coming from a person with almost classic length hair myself.

  17. Yeah, I know inner beauty is what counts, but I've spent too many years struggling to discount my outer beauty and it makes me feel bad about myself! So now I aim for a balance of both. :)