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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy, busy

My schedule is packed, as usual. I need to learn how to not try to do everything all the time. I'm lucky I only work part time.

Here's what I do every week:
Monday, work, long walk with dog and friends, paralegal class
Tuesday, therapy session, work,long walk with dog and friends, Hindi class
Wednesday, work, long walk with dog and friends, game group with friends
Thursday, work,long walk with dog and friends, paralegal class
Friday, weight watcher's meeting, work,long walk with dog and friends
Saturday, temple, dance class
Sunday, study group (and once a month, writer's group)

There's some obligation on every single day. And I used to go to a knitting group, but I can't fit it in anymore. They meet Sat morning, Tue morning, and Wed evening, and all those times I have other things happening.

The paralegal classes are on a campus that is not close to me and takes at least an hour to drive to and from.

The Hindi class is in Washington D.C. and takes me close to two hours to get to.

I am enjoying the Hindi class. I signed up so that I would be forced to speak and to get some of the finer points of grammar. It's intense because there are only two of us in the class, so there's a lot of attention on both of us and we have to translate sentences on the spot. It's good for me, but I'm not going to take it next semester. It's too far and I really can't afford it.

I have too many hobbies! I'm trying to fit in language learning, writing novels, and knitting (as well as several computer games!)

So, sometimes I go days or even weeks without posting and this is why! Rest assured, when I have something that I think is interesting to share, you will know right away.

In one year I should be done with my paralegal classes and after Thanksgiving I'll be finished with the Hindi class. That will free up some of my time and energy :)


  1. Yes, you are going to burn yourself out... I say relax by knitting a nice pair of kilt hose :P j/k

    I am lucky at the moment I'm settling in after my book, but here in 3 months I'm moving to Paris to start working again. A once in a life time opportunity to move to Paris and tailor and make haute couture :D

    I say find a closer hindi course, Hindi and or Sanskrit will help you quite a bit in your spiritual pursuits. :D

    As for becoming a Paralegal... not sure if that will help free up time honestly. I told a couple layer friends of mine I was considering para-legal work and they told me not to do it, long hours low pay and absolutely no thankfulness. But you might be lucky being in a more Urban environment.

  2. Oh I must add, when I thought about becoming a para-legal it was almost 10 years ago as well.

  3. I think paralegal will pay much more than part time secretary, plus it is one of those jobs that has not been hit as hard by the economic troubles. I think I will be much busier if I do get a job in it, long hours I'm sure, but at least it will be in one place, less running around!

    I'm going to continue studying Hindi on my own and practicing with friends once this class is over! Unfortunately, I don't think learning Hindi is going to help me with Sanskrit at all, I've been startled by how very different they are!

  4. good point on the moving around, and with the added bonus of your degree I'm sure you could get real creative with dispositions and briefs :D Plus you are right, the legal profession does not take a hit in times of economic depression as crimes tend to rise during these periods.

    Sanskrit is ideal, but Hindi comes in a close second. Any place near you to learn Sanskrit? Such as this perhaps?

  5. When I hear you calling some of your activities "obligations", I hear someone who is feeling burnt out. I hope that when Hindi class winds up, you take that time for yourself, and just for yourself. I know that you have said that you haven't been meditating as much as you'd like. I think I now see why. Keep well, my dear.

  6. hello,
    I found your blog through "diary of white indian housewife" and I eagerly and daily read it.I am fascinated by your determination to follow hinduism .Your personality and lifestyle is so impressive that i have become your fan.

    I am from Mumbai, India. I am currenlly connected with Osho group here and go for regular meditation sessions.

  7. Franny, thank you for your well wishes, and I do really need a bit of a vacation. Maybe while classes are on break for the winter I can take a week or two to just vegetate at home!

    Kodanda, I have trouble with Sanskrit because it is something that my parents are really into. I felt like I needed my space from them and their hobbies. Hearing Sanskrit chanted brings up a lot of memories for me, both good and bad. However, in college I did take one semester and it was the hardest class I have ever tried to take. That really scared me off of learning Sanskrit! Maybe after I have Hindi down solidly, I'll feel more confident about learning a much harder language :)

    Vivek, I am delighted to have you here. Thank you for commenting! I have not heard about the Osho group, I will have to look that up. Feel free to tell me more about it!