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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Summary, for those who are new

If you haven't been reading this blog from the beginning, I'm going to link to some of the key posts here.

If you're here to read about my experience learning language, you can go to the right-hand bar and click on the "Hindi" tag and that will take you to all Hindi related posts.

First of all, the Introduction post is an important one, to give you an idea of my background and how this all started. And More Specific Background is a continuation of the story.

Then, Conversion and a discussion of people's point of view on that issue. The Caste post is also related to that and Reactions. Also Makes Me Sad and Issue of First Impression continue the discussion of conversion. Zealous explains how converts can be overly enthusiastic.

Why follow culture as well as religion? Posts related to that are: Eccentric, Wearing a Bindi, Religion v. Culture , Appropriation, Labels , Bindi Update

Other people in my situation: People Similar to Me, Westerners Choosing Different Paths

You can't please everyone: Family, Having the Answer, Feeling Deflated

There are many more posts about technical aspects of being a Hindu, those posts are labeled "religion" and/or "philosophy." There are some fun posts and some quick posts, some recipes and songs, etc. But these are the core of what I've been talking about since I started in Decmeber 2009.

I've added some of these as links on the side bar for future new visitors as well.

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