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Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Future and in my Imagination

Inspired by going to see SM and having such a grand time, I wish it were more possible for us all to meet up!

Perhaps some day I can take a trip to England and visit you, Tandava.

I would so love to sit down and chat with CS and Art.

I think Basu would be so bright and friendly face to face.

Mouse would be awesome to go shopping with!

Sita, and Dhurga, and Kat and so many others who have commented here.

I can imagine us all together having amazing discussions and enjoying a dinner together.

Ah, the Internet can be such a beautiful thing. I am so glad to have virtually met you all!

I am coming near to having 100 posts already. I never knew I had that much to say. I know I will continue to be inspired as I push boundaries in my life. I think there will be some very interesting posts in the future about marriage and children and I'm sure there will be posts inspired by my class on Civil Rights and Liberties this summer!

I'm thinking also that I will post the first few pages of the novel that I talked about a while back. I'm a very slow writer so it will be ages before the book is finished, but I would like to share the little bit that I have.


  1. Aw.. thank you! I consider that a huge compliment!

  2. It has been nice meeting you here as well Aamba. NC isn't too far from MD, so if you are ever passing through feel free to let me know and maybe you can go with me to the local temple here. Unfortunately Adi doesn't really practice Hinduism like his family so he is just as unfamiliar to the temple as I am.

  3. I'm glad to have met you on here. I think I was in Tandava's (Western Hindu) blog and made my way to yours =).

    Keep the posts coming, I enjoy reading them very much. And also reading all the opinions of other commentors. Very fun.

  4. Thanks, Aamba! I'd love to have a nice long heart-to-heart chat with you, too! I'm happy to have found you!

  5. Oh, Kat, I didn't realize you were in N.C. I have a lot of family there, so I really will be in that area frequently!

  6. Indeed I am born and raised southern NC girl. In the Raleigh area and we have two temples nearby (Sri Venkateswara and Hindu Bhavan). What part of NC is your family from?

  7. Winston-Salem and Greensboro. We're planning a trip there maybe in the I'll have to see if we can swing by where you are too! Maybe we can go to temple together :)

  8. Sounds great. Meeting one person at a time and you'll have met all of us before you know it.

  9. Great Aamba:) Keep on posting and eagerly look forward to your latest one.


  10. it would be great pleasure to meet you.
    may be we will, who knows.


  11. Your blog is going well, you certainly have a greater determination to write regularly than I do.

    It would be great to have a meet up sometime, though it could be a while before I can afford to travel to the US. The low pound makes it expensive, and tax rises together with cuts in my working week mean I don't have a lot spare at the moment. Still, these things go in cycles and in a couple of years I am pretty sure that they will be trying to persuade us to work longer rather than go home early again!


  12. If someone had told me 10 years ago that he/she was planning to pursue a relationship with someone that they met on the internet, I would've been incredulous! Thanks to the
    internet and its developers, so many things are possible now - exchange of ideas, sharing of feelings, sharing of images/ videos and so on.
    When Amba mentioned visiting the ssvt temple in one of her blogs, I suspected she might be somewhere in the DC/MD/VA region, but finding her so close was a pleasant surprise for both of us.