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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Makes me Sad

I found some examples of the kind of attitude that I find so difficult to deal with.

A spiritual discussion got going in the comments at the White Indian Housewife blog. People turned to debating whether it is possible to convert.

Here are a few of the comments:

"Besides, keep your lectures about vastness and riches of Dharma for these
'whites' who escape to east in search of alternative or peace of mind,
just as many Indians escape to west in search of prosperity or education."
-Amit Desai

"In my view, Lot of people from the west see these particular beliefs
in India (i’m not saying they are true/false) exotic. They are sick &
tired of what the western world offers in terms of spirituality which is
now in a corrupted state. A void is created in their mind which leads to an
unknown search. Curiosity first, followed by the amazing & never seen/heard
rituals etc bring them closer to Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism, etc.
Lot of these would give them temporary relief, but once they get to see the
corruptions in these new faiths, they’ll again feel the void."

In response to a post saying that convert Hindus are valid, they simply don't have a caste: "That’s the point. Traditionally since last 800 years or so, Hinduism became more segregated and structured in terms of castes. So, what kind of Hindu are you if you don’t belong to any jati? Even untouchables are considered a ‘jati’. So if you don’t belong to any ‘jati’, you are nobody, according to traditional Hindus."
-Amit Desai

"Abdullah, you are not Hindu nor a member of any Hindu sect, therefore you are not privy to those Hindu sects that do indeed accept converts as 'bonafide'…. in India.
Re: 'This is different from Christianity or Judaism for example, where converts are bonafide members'
Christianity, yes.
Judaism? Maybe some “renewal” or “reform” sects. It’s controversial, and rare.
Even Hindu sects are more open than Judaism."
--Sharrell's Celebrity Doppleganger

"I live in India and have dated, lived with and live around Hindus. I have also observed many who converted into or out of Hinduism. That is more real than sitting 12000 kilometers away and pretending to be an expert on India after picking things off internet blogs."
- Abdullah K.

"So then where is your authority on 'Judaism'????
I am a Hindu and so is 90% of my family."
-Sharrell's Celebrity Doppleganger

"NRI/Sharrells Celebrity doppleganger/gori princess or whatever, pardon me but I don’t think anyone here respects or takes into account your views on Hinduism. I personally hold Abdullahs comments in a much higher regards then yours."

Sigh. People are so mean. Where does all the anger come from? (BTW, NRI means Non-resident Indian, so again, as I was saying earlier, that can refer to people of Indian ethnicity growing up in America.)

Anyway, what the really brings up for me is that I want to escape from this stereotype that a white person practicing Hinduism does so because she thinks it's exotic and different and wants to escape corruption in the West.

Yes, there is corruption in parts of the religions of the West. Yes, there is corruption in parts of the religions of the East. People are people, where ever you go. There are those who are corrupt and those who know how to use religion to mis-guide people.

None of that changes the fact that, for me, Hinduism most clearly fits the world around me. Its explanations for things make the most sense. I'm the child of a scientist and though I am not terribly scientific myself, I still need for the explanations in my religion to match what I experience in the world. Hinduism fits the evidence around me.

I realize that I do not have a caste and that is a problem. Some people say Hindu converts just don't have a caste, others say that foreigners are automatically untouchables. I don't have a solution to this.

I do think it is time for people to expand their minds about what is possible. We're stuck in a loop of old rhetoric about how Hinduism does not recognize converts. The situation has become more complex and people need to be willing to reexamine. We're no longer talking about a group of hippies, smoking pot, and running away from the strict religion of their parents.

Even that stereotype has more depth to it. Yes, there were people who turned to the East for something new and were disappointed by it. But look at my parents. They may have been hippies, running away from the strict religion of their parents, but they did not/do not smoke pot and they have faithfully followed their Indian-philosophy-based path for thirty years.

It hurts me deeply when I hear or see people making comments that assume that white people have this very surface level understanding of what Hinduism is. I know Hindu philosophy and ritual deeply and it has been a part of me since I was a baby.

I have been told that perhaps I need to stop taking things so personally. It's difficult. Every time I run across a discussion like this I get so tired of hearing the same old statements.

But, as previous posts have shown, there is a variety in how people respond to this kind of thing. So far the people I have met here in America who come from Indian origin have been welcoming and understanding. I appreciate that and I hope that this blog can illustrate to others that some of the ideas about who a white person practicing Hinduism is are not accurate.


  1. Maybe the reason we are more and more coming back to Hinduism, despite a different color and nationality is because we know we belong there.

    Just the fact we can struggle, try so hard to regain what we have lost from other's a huge triumph over the easy path. The easy path is one of nonaction. I could sit here on my hill and pray to Siva all day..never attempt to visit the Temple nearby and live without stress. But the hard work must be done...which means the painfully slow process of trying to find acceptance within a culture that I feel does not want me.

    Why would anyone choose to do this for any other reason than divine influence? It's too hard, to painful to be rejected so many times...and yet we continue to try. Earnestly hoping some day...hopefully in this lifetime that we can find a place where hands are outstretched to us, warmly inviting us to pray.

    Siva led me to this blog tonight, and I find that you are feeling many of the same. Take heart in the fact you are not alone. We can not help our color, our alien culture. For some reason God has led us back to the truth, I can not believe He did this so that we can be shunned. Be of good cheer tonight<3

    1. The Hindus of India are more scared of Western Hindus then you are of us :) It has nothing to do with what we share together " faith". I am born in India to Hindu parents and I travell a lot within India. Most of the the Hindus get confused when facing Hindus from outside India .Hinduism dont encourage Conversion so it always bring in the shock factor like " Do he/she practice Hindusim as sincerely as we do? is He/she is in it for real ? Also most westerners who came to India has this bad reputation of dealing in drugs which is highly discouraged in Indian society. And also the language is a factor.Skin color,culture,nationality are all illusions. Dont get caught up in the Web." Vasudeva kutumbakam " !

  2. Hey Aamba,

    I accidentally landed on your blog somehow. Even though, I'd describe myself as an atheist, i was born to Hindu parents and grew up in the UK and India. Heck I even subscribed to Hindutva once. Anyhow having spent a substantial part of my childhood in India, I can tell you most urban Hindus in India are barely aware of the philosophical mainstays of their religion. To them the silly incomprehensible rituals, navaratri, diwali and holi make Hinduism. There is rarely an attempt to go beyond that. I'm willing to wager your knowledge of Hinduism is far more deep than this apparently casteist moron Amit. Don't let his remarks or for that matter anyone else's discourage you. Being Indian and a Hindu hardly makes anyone an authority on Hinduism.

    There is very little attempt to understand the philosophical aspects of the religion, most people just end up clinging to cultural parts. So i can understand why people might feel patronised, as they feel you are essentially co-opting their culture. I'd suggest just ignore them!

  3. Lanie, your comment is deeply moving. Thank you for sharing some of your struggle too. It is an uphill sort of life, but it's got to be good for our souls!

    Thank you also, Amey, it is supportive comments like yours that keep me going.

  4. Hi Aamba, I am a Born Hindu.( Tamil Brahmin- Smartha). No Hindu will say anything against people converting to Hinduism. In fact we are all happy that others are also following Sanatana Dharma. I know this "Amit Desai" would be a rice bag Christian convert. Only Christian converts discourages western people (Christians) converting to Hinduism. you come to Thiruvanamalai , You will find lot of white people. In side Mylapore kapaleeswarar temple I saw one white guy sitting and reciting RUDRAM. Nobody said anything - why should we "INDIAN Hindus" say anything against people converting to Hinduism ??. There is no logic/reason to oppose you people. I am a regular visitor to "Western-hindu.Org" I really envy him - He is a better Hindu than me.

  5. It does seem strange that anyone would want to discourage people from joining his religion! If we are all one, then we all deserve the chance to follow the path that leads most clearly and directly to truth (for our own understanding of that). If Hindus never accept converts, then Christianity will continue to push its borders further and further until there is nothing else left. :)

  6. I found this blog while in a particularly frustrated mood about religion and ethnicity and fitting in. I am a white woman married to an Indian Hindu man, and have grown exceedingly tired and frustrated by these on-line discssions that insist that white people MUST NOT EVEN THINK of converting to Hinduism.

    All the same reasons come up: we have no caste, the colonial legacy, which we, British or not, will be expected to pay for until the end of time, supposed scriptural references, we white people are all corrupt, or pretenders or looking for a cheap exotic thrill, or we don't know enough when not to enter a temple (during a woman's period)...

    I get the feeling that the Indian born Hindus who insist that we stay in our places, thank you, feel a sense of smug superiority - we want something they have, and we're just not allowed because we're not good enough. We're polluting.

    But I have been to India with hubby many times. And I have seen things first hand. Many things. Materialism, greed, no respect for elders, et cetera. As well as generosity, kindness, great love, acceptance. So I agree, Aamba, we are all the same.

    We are all part of the human race, like it or not, and Hinduism is out there in the marketplace of ideas, and as irritated as that must make some Indian Hindus, too late. Too bad. Don't come telling us white people how wonderful your religion is, how superior, how advanced and perfected it it, and then say, "Oh no! Not for you, no way! You keep out! Respect us but DO NOT EVEN THINK OF PARKING HERE!"

    Am I angry? Just a little! I hate hypocrisy. And I've seen more than my fair share of late. I've tried so hard over these many years of marriage to fit in, hubby says there's no Hindu pope who says you can't be Hindu, so chill out, stop getting so worked up. And then I'm okay for a while.

    But then I read or hear something and get mad all over again.

    Is Hinduism for white people worth the struggle? If what you want is communal acceptance, it's dicey. If what you want is a personal, private communion with your inner self and with your conception of the Divine, then yes, it is.

    Maybe our answer, as white Hindus, is to create a community for others in our position, to take what is good and pure and sacred in Hinduism that transcends race and ethnicity and caste and create a "Western Hinduism", much like western Buddhists have done.

    1. I think you r gettin caught up between Hindus and Hinduism. Hinduism is a personal experiance. So does it matter to you what others think about you ? whether you r excepted or not? what is western Hinduism or Eastern Hinduism ? these r nothing.

  7. I think I'll repost your comment in the main blog. Very good points you make.

    The only trouble I have with creating our own community, is that's sort-of what I had growing up and it didn't feel like enough. It felt like we were missing the historical weight and continuity.

  8. Hinduism is not a property of any race.Anybody can become a hindu, but you(Aamba) are not a hindu. You are a beef eater.

    1. Where is it written that who eats beef is not a Hindu?
      Sanatan dharam focuses on spiritually elevating a person and not on what he/she eats or wears. It only advises to do things which will help in achieving your goal.

  9. Well, not anymore I'm not. Keep reading, I turned vegetarian about three months ago.

    Although, I have a hard time believing that that is the sole definition of being a Hindu.

    1. Hi Aamba ,I m a Vegge too and I am an Indian Hindu.I dont take meat not because I m Hindu but for this simple reason that killing a living to satisfy my tongue is not a gud option. Yes Hindus dont take meat specially Beef cause Cow has played an important role in indian society. The cow feed us with her milk the same way our "mothers" do and should we repay this by sending her to the slaughterhouse ? But with the modernization of India in times somehow this "gratitude" is fading away with shift in focus on other means to be alive. Whether u eat or not u r a Hindu if u think u r and its not about what anyone else think of who u r.Hinduism is not about any community of brotherhood either .Its about you n your journey alone. Definately hard. So its completely on you.

  10. I wrote this on stephen-knapp's facebook wall the other day. "The thing that makes me most happy is to see people of different races, religions etc accept Sanatana Dharma. the thing that makes me most sad is to see Indian Hindus leave a perfect theistic science for some problem causing blind belief system". Ouch...yes I know...thats cold, but it is the truth!!! I'm an Indian from South Africa and trust me I get soooo excited to see non-Indian Hindus. I love it!(",). If you want a most loving God that is not going to throw you into the fires of hell the second He gets a chance, if you want a scripture that is not man made with errors and contradictions but divinely revealed, a perfect theistic science, if you want to be well on your way to the Kindom of God, then embrace Sanatana Dharma.

    Anant Krishna das

  11. I want to address the problem of caste. It's not politically correct to recommend this but for a western woman I think the solution is to marry a Hindu man. When you marry a Hindu man you marry into his caste. Since you embrace the Hindu way of life I'm sure his family will embrace you as a real Hindu. I'm in the software engineering field. I have many Indian buddies with gori wives and these ladies are integrated into the Hindu communities of their husbands. To me the Hindu way is not primarily an individual religion. It's primarily a communal religion. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of the Hindu way join a Hindu family and community through marriage. Why not? You can have a dharmic life together, enjoy artha and kama, and raise a family.

  12. Honestly my two cents is that caste is not mentioned anywhere in scripture. From my understanding it's a misinterpretation of "varna." Caste is bullshit and the people who say you cannot convert into Hinduism are bullshit as well. The only problem I see is the name and gotra but this is a minor problem that can easily be fixed.

    1. That's true !!! Caste is not dharmic.

  13. Wow, you don't mince words! I like it :)

  14. Hey, great blog this is. First and foremost, don't go by names (Amit Desai) on the internet. There are many bigots of religion A using names that are popular in religion B to ridicule religion B. I'm a Hindu myself born in India to Hindu parents and I have no clue about my caste. The present day caste system that you see in India is not what it was intended to be. Caste System was meant to categorize people into different hierarchies based on the work one did (not by birth!). Just like , say in an organization, you have a junior engineer/senior engineer/chief engineer etc, there are four different castes in Hinduism. How that hierarchy was exploited for political/manipulative gains by the upper castes is a totally different story. In the 60's and 70's, there were westerners who were attracted to Hinduism because they thought it was exotic/something different. Not anymore. Today, most people do believe that there are many different paths to God and hence their interest in the Indian philosophical religion. I hope you continue spreading love and peace. Regards.

  15. Thank you! It's great to meet you :)

  16. I feel that there is nothing serious in one getting converted to other religions. But the problem lies there why he or she does so!! It might be due to various reasons like getting married to other religious person, economic reasons, frustration lure etc... If one really wants to get converted to Hinduism why bother about the caste and color-you are free to do it. Forget about the Hindu rituals and celebrations in India or anywhere else. You are a free citizen of the country to which you actually belong.
    Finally, a word to the others. If one wants to become a Hindu let him/her become so. Please don't meddle with it as you you have so many other important things to attend to!!!

  17. Amba :- Do go by their Names ..You will find many many Christians and Muslims commenting by Hindu Names on the blogs to discourage peoples to embarace santan Dharma...Yesterday I was going Blog of Tandava (Chris) may be you know his blog ..and Christian & Muslims commenting by HIndu names is so common to demean Satan Dharma they are very much regular and Organized Group...However by reading the Responses from Tandava it was pretty much clear he knows how to respond such kind of people ..However this is my question to you.You Embraced Sanatan Dharma If some blabber about Caste System how will you respond...If you have question you need to ask reliable and authentic people for that and can go through scriptures & Authentic comments you should take seriously ..There is NOTHING Called as CASTE System in Santan Dharma...It was Varnas which are ON Deed Based NOT Birth Based ..Second thing Caste System is corruptly introduced during British & Islamic Colonical rules...Over India...However Caste System is Dead itself in India...only these Christian Missionry and Muslims bring in every discussion as they fiund nothing against HInduism...But the main thing is you should have enough knowledge to respond to such questions...or it will just upset you as some one using Hindu Name telling stupid thing..Many hindus with half baked knowledge fall in trap of these people they can even deceit you to prove their point..Have you ever heared of Arya Samajis they are the people who Believe on Vedas as Vedas don't allow any kind of caste system..Every one is only one category that is Arya....Do you know in Today India A large section of people don't observe any Caste System because they are enlightened by this group called Arya Samajis as our Scriptures don't allow it..It was mischief by British's how to divide Hindus..However they never got success in it...Our Spritual Leaders always Raise Against it..Read about Maharshi Dayanand..Now as you are also Hindu ..Do you have courage to answer these people with Courage that this is Not Sanatan Dharma and correct them....One more thing What Indian Hindu do is NOT a Bench mark for you..This is your spritual journey Santan Dharma ..Santan Dhamra means Ethernal Dharma for every one ..No copyright for Indians..Please undersand vasudev kutumb the tenet of Sanatan Dharma .Means world is one family..Hope you should be getting my point..and it is your job to enlighten others with the correct Gyan..if you feel they are wrong .....One more thing Converts are very much allowed in Santan Dharma...Recently last year around thousands converted to sanatan Dharma by AryaSamajis ..This ceremonies Includes Shuddhi and namkarnam.. and I feel proud to say I have met with many new convert sanatan Dharmi who have raised to propagate the Santan Dharma to others and also correcting the People who are confused ..One of such person is Pandit Mahenra Pal Arya... previously he was Muslim and Immam of a Masjid...Now he is a Proud Santan Dharmi and I am very proud of him ..

    1. Interesting. I had not thought about people purposely trying to mislead. Wow.

      The fact is, I feel very confident and comfortable in my faith and I know that the concept of caste as it is now is not a part of the true dharma.

      I agree also that I must follow my own path and journey, not depending on what Indian Hindus do or do not do. I have my connection to the source and I have to trust that.

      I've heard very good things about the Arya Samajis.

    2. Yes Amba these People from these Muslim and Christian Missinary always try to demean Sanatan Dharma..They mislead people by pretending to be as HIndu and demeaning Satan Dharma...However I don't know about Hindus of other country there is a strong voice against the corrupted caste system..Young Hindus know that Caste System is never a part of Hinduism ..but it was Varnas which is Not Birth based but on deed based.I can give you numerous examples in Ancient India It was never practiced..

      Acc to Vedas and Smriti.Social responsibilty is divided among 4 categories.
      1) Every one is born as Shudra (Not Knowledgable person)
      2) If Person takes responsibilty for knowledge ,Learning Teaching then he is called as Brahmin.

      3) Kshatriyas are those people who put up Arms to protect people.
      4) Vaisya :- those who deal with buisness and other activities.

      E.g of those who changes there Varnas by changing their deeds

      b. Ailush Rishi was son of a Daasi, gambler and of low character. However he researched on Rigveda and made several discoveries. Not only was he invited by Rishis but also made an Acharya. (Aitareya Brahman 2.19)

      c. Satyakaam Jaabaal was son of a prostitute but became a Brahmin.

      l. Matanga was son of Chandal but became a Brahmin.
      m. Raavan was born from Pulatsya Rishi but became a Rakshas.

      Please go through this link for great details

    3. Dear Ambaa,

      These Missioniy Christian and Muslims mislead peoples on Internet via some social networking sites ..on facebook you will find some groups who seems to be operated by some Hindu but discussion is going on like Reasons one should convert to christanity etc...Leave that aside even In Real life these people dupe people ..In Kerela/India you will find my Churches which has dhwaja stambh's Swastika sign in Church they mislead Hindus by adopting these kind of practicles ..Yes Monetary Benefits..Please Search for Love Jihad on Net which is very much active across India where muslim men pretend to be a Hindu marry hindu Girl then after that he disclose his identity and convert that girl to muslim.. ..
      and then tease that girl since she has become muslim she is Not allowed to meet her family as they are kafir ..If they want to see her they have to convert to Islam..Unfortunately these things are mostly happening in Kerla State of India ..

      One more thing may be you guys don't know in Kerela the all of the ancient temples are taken over by Govt..Which is filled with Communists and Christians ...The temple generated money is routed to NGO's who are actively involved in conversion activities of Hindus(as they give poor hindus money and Land etc)...Some of these temples are managed by Christians who don't want any western to be influenced by Hindu Culture and religion some of them make rule like Non-Indians not allowed ..kind of absurd rule...


    4. So bascially I know I am already 2 year late on this post but Being a Proud Hindu I want to tell the people the New Hindu Converts are very much welcome in Satan Dharma..We hindus don't deceit any one to convert to Hinduism..people came because of their Hindu Samskara..We love them and respect them..Right now I am living in Nashville, today is Ganesh Chaturthi ..I feel great when I have seen many western Hindus doing Aarti to Ganesha..and they seems to very devouted one..

      Regarding Aryasamajis yes they are doing recommendable job in educating Hindu masses about their own dharma and they are very much involved in Preaching the Non-hindus...and converting them to Satan Dharma if some non Hindu is seeking for Conversion .They have very formalized way to convert a Person irrespective of his or her Nationality..They don't believe in Caste System..So according to them every Hindu is Arya (as Arya is also a varna which I have not Mentioned above) Arya means noble people..These AryaSamajis are very much respected in hindu Community as they are always involved in educating masses .The Arya Varna which a new convert gets is always recognized by HIndus..I have my full name but still I use Arya as my Last Name .Now a days Caste System is dead in India...Proof is Millions of marriage is happening in India across castes...however you will often found Missionary people talking about castes as this is the only thing they can use against some gulible people...However facegroup and comunity you will find who is working to make this caste system dead in few years...However this is a social Problem in India which is introced by invaders to divide us and it has nothing to do with HInduism.So I don't think HIndus of Other country should worry about it..

      One more thing I want to say is as you are also Hindu and you are kind of Inspiration to other Western HIndu ..they often refer to your blog this is my request please don't posts these missionary guys posts on your main blog as it is very discouraging to new people..However I feel if in Real Life you face such kind of Hindu you can make your Opinion but please be aware of these kind of fake Hindu comments on Blog..they are to demean SatanDharma...and also it makes we IndianHindus to feel guilt ...However We believe in Warm welcome of people..So please don't make your opinion on just Blog comments.. you will find these kind of fake comments on tandava blog but he figured out the culprits..

      I am happy to meet another Proud hindu..Ambaa ..Namaste Aum

    5. Prabhat Chauhan. Brother stop this blame game.Let them do what they want to. Focus. What is there to be proud of? for being a Hindu or part of any perticular religion? pride will lead u nowhere.

  18. Prabhat is right Aamba , this things does not come in the news channel or national news as most of them owned by churches. If you want to search most of the videos are uploaded in the youtube. I saw one documentary where a european lady did a research how church operates in India ,just watching that is terrifying. As Subhramanium Swamy Says that be a Virat Hindu ( one who is ready to follow his Dharma under any circumstances). Always remember , hindu mantras are always for the benefit of the world , sarve santu sukhina ( may the whole world be happy ) it doesn't say sarve hindu sukinah ( may hindu be happy ).

  19. I agree with you 100%
    It somewhat makes me question how people interpret this religion..
    I'm a white Hindu and have been for 6 years. It's been difficult to be open and happily live being who I am - I didn't wake up one day and said "Hey, let's change religions!"
    I studied all the religious philosophies, and the one (like you said) closely related to my already set of beliefs of the world was Hinduism.
    I find it strange, because non-Hindus, and in this case, non-Indians accept my "adoption" of this faith for who I am and not some sort of "escape" to discover a "new exotic" set of beliefs...
    Is this because, they have this "surface level knowledge" of Hinduism and therefore are more accepting of this set of beliefs, which, to them may be extremely "exotic"?
    It's always the "born into it" Hindus that don't take me seriously - and this, may appear to be an overreaction - but it hurts. It makes me think that this belief system, that I've studied and continued to learn more and more about is something that (what I call) "my own kind" can't accept me for.
    Just yesterday, at a Diwali festival, my friend (Christian, white) told one of the women who asked why we were here, that it was because "He (pointing at me) is Hindu and wanted to come and I wanted to join him..."
    She then laughed and said "He's just messing with you", to her friend.
    And I took this offensively - and to be honest, at first I wasn't sure why. It felt like an attack on me, on my beliefs, and who I am and what I stand for. Sometimes it just feels strange - like I'm not fully part of this religion, this faith and this way of life. I have not fully 100% known everything and anything about Hinduism - I'm still learning about it to this day, and I love it. It feels like I'm just not fully connected to this faith as a whole and it's strange and I don't know how to change this perception. I live my life how I want to, and I don't 'think' of myself as a Hindu, I 'know' myself as a Hindu.

    Well, I've written too much... But I am so happy I've found your blog! <3 much respect and love!

    1. Jake why u want acceptance ? is it that important then for the fact that you urself consider urself a follower of the Sanatan Dharma? is thats not enough? Your focus should be on ur spiritual journey alone and not what others think of who you are.
      The problem with Hindus is that most like the Jews have fear to trust with open heart anymore cause Hindus have been betrayed each time they welcomed others with open arms first with the Muslim invasion(learn about the bloody Hindu Kush) then the Christians Missionaries (who learnt sanskrit and dressed as Hindu saints converted and formd the bed rock of this Anti Hindu christian converts who mock their once culture and faith.)Both have looted Hindus of our wealth and faith and influenced us to built on a new form of Hinduism based on their bais views on this ancient faith which they never understood. So coming to ur story I believe more then acceptance i m sure its a matter of confusion for them. If you r sincere there is no Hindu in this world who will not accept you and even if we dont ... dose it matter ?

  20. Namaste, I've became Hindu soon after a bad cycling accident in 2004 which somehow i survived it but something was changing that made me think of my path in life. i remember doing my Puja to Ganesh in my mothers home and chanting some songs that was showing my devoution to Ganesh as also meditating. Diwali has started and may i wish all to have a great Diwali with an enjoyful new year.

  21. This is Sujit Singh, from India. I was going through the trail messages from beginning to the very end.
    It is a gud discussion happening over here.

    To all, my only request is follow your heart and don't get discouraged by a bull shiter. Life is too small to get disheartened.. Cheerup folks and live our destiny.

    One more thing folks, as I could see Hinduism will get vanished from India for sure but it's off shoots in the form of you will prosper into a different tree, retaining hinduism as root. Cheers !!!

    1. i dont know how i found this page so i will bookmark it! i dont consider myself religious, and just so you know i am also white and british, my mother is christian and my father is non practicing catholic. i was reading a book about Hinduism last night and suddenly i found myself in tears, i had an overwhelming feeling of "coming home" to be honest this shocked me and i thought i would ignore it. when i woke up this morning, i found myself "giving thanks" it seemed completely natural although i have no idea why i did it. is this some stange kind of "religious experience?" please be gentle with me if you choose to reply as i have never voiced my thoughts online! i want to know if this has happened to anyone else? can i follow this faith when i know next to nothing about it other than a feeling that i cannot let it go now i have found it?

    2. It's great to meet you!

      yes, you can follow this faith. But you know what? You can also take your time and slowly learn about it with no pressure.

      I'm now blogging over at and there are some posts for newbies, such as introductions to different Gods and on Wed 1/16/13 there will be a post about how non-Indians find Hinduism.

  22. Hey Ambaa - I am a born Hindu but I feel that you are a lot more Hindu than I are the real don't worry too much about what others don't need endorsements from Amit Desai or any other morons to validate your faith!

    With regards to caste - even the constitution of India has abolished the caste don't worry about such trivialities. Even I did not know what my caste was till a few years parents did not consider it to be important enough to tell me and I did not bother to ask. Even the most right wing of Hindu organisations today have united in their fight against the caste system and as a practicing Hindu you have every right and obligation to fight against this unnecessary evil!

    Never let any anybody make you feel inferior because you are not a born Hindu or a White Hindu - nobody can make you feel inferior unless you let them! Just remember, some of the biggest contributions in recent times to the development of Hinduism have come from non-Indian Hindu women - Mira Alfassa, Annie Besant and Sister Nivedita just to name a few! So our expectations from you are very high :)

    Be a proud Hindu - you are what you are...and you do not not need anybody's approval! Take care and god bless!

  23. Hinduism is not a religion, but its a way of life. Many haters of Hinduism are writing these insane comments. Hinduism is a world religion. Anyone can join and anyone can leave Hinduism, which is among the most democratic religion.

    Stop fighting about religion. The way to attain moksha is through truth and divinity, not through any religion

  24. One dont have to convert to be a Hindu neither he or she needs the entire Hindu community to recognize him or her as a Hindu. If today I woke up and think that I am a Hindu. I am . I believe why westerners are gettin attracted to the Sanatan Dharma or Boddhi is for the fact that It allows you to be free unlike other faith where u must follow certain norms to be one like the rest of them.I can today go right up to my Hindu parents and say " I am an Atheist!" .Imgine this or try it if ur born in any other Religion beside Buddhism.

  25. I think there is some element of discrimination for Hindus who are not Indian origin.Also some discrimination exist based on caste,etc.Mainly these discrimination are carried by Hindus who have no knowledge of Hindu philosophies.But these discrimination cannot be taken by the seekers of Truth as hindrances and they should over come such obstacles and plunge into the infinite ,fathomless depth of Sanatana Dharma(Hinduism).It will be truly worthy attempt in spite of the little pains which may come in path of spiritual journey into Hinduism . Let all Hindus irrespective of caste ,color ,sex and skin color come together and pray to establish the Golden era of Hinduism.

  26. I think there is some element of discrimination for Hindus who are not Indian origin.Also some discrimination exist based on caste,etc.Mainly these discrimination are carried by Hindus who have no knowledge of Hindu philosophies.But these discrimination cannot be taken by the seekers of Truth as hindrances and they should over come such obstacles and plunge into the infinite ,fathomless depth of Sanatana Dharma(Hinduism).It will be truly worthy attempt in spite of the little pains which may come in path of spiritual journey into Hinduism . Let all Hindus irrespective of caste ,color ,sex and skin color come together and pray to establish the Golden era of Hinduism.

  27. namaste amba,
    in this following link swami vivekananda's views on caste allocation for converts to hindu are given.

  28. hi Amba,

    In Hinduism GURU is very important, If you have any guru you will reconize with cast of guru. Every hindu famliy has family guru (Old rishi). If someone has not remember his family guru he is recognize with guru kasyap. for a hindu guru is very important and we thought guru is just like a god because he tell us the way of gid

  29. Hi Amba,

    Do not be put off by comments to your posts. Often these things are the doings of miscreants. Your posts reflect your knowledge. Keep up your spiritual journey