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Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Question

I am confused and a bit frustrated that it seems like people have a hard time keeping "Hindi" and "Hindu" straight.

I was on a message board and the person was talking about "worshiping the same God as a Hindi" and it just sounded so bizarre.

Am I the only one who doesn't find it hard to keep straight which one is a language and which one is a religion? I know that they're similar words, so maybe this falls into the category of how it is fairly easy for me to remember which "your" or "you're" to use, because they are totally separate and different words. Is that just my brain? Should I just keep my mouth shut when someone asks me how I'm coming along in learning Hindu?


  1. You might just want to correct them in your answer.. like "oh yes, I'm learning a lot of HINDI" instead of just pointing out that they sound stupid. I wonder if those same people confuse the words "Oriental" and "Asian" when referring to rugs or humans.

  2. in olden days irrespective of their religions persians called people living in india(hindustan)
    as hindu or hindi.
    even in "sare jahan se acha" song(language- close to urdu)
    indians r referred to as hindi.