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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No India Yet

There has been a consensus of advice that it would be better if I were to go with someone, either Indian friends or my boyfriend, or at least meet up with people I know when there (even if just friends of friends).

It's interesting because my mom was very worried when my boyfriend was talking about coming along. She thought it would be too shocking for us to travel together, since we are not married. Interestingly, her Indian friends urged her to make him go along! After all, the people on the street in India are not going to know that we're not married.

However, in the end it is finances that prevent me from going right now. I don't know when I'll get a chance again, but I'll have my eyes open for another opportunity.


  1. Ive never been to india - although its always assumed that i have. ive been told that i act and think in a very indian way - in fact indians have joked that im the first ''white indian'' that theyve ever seen.
    Im a hare krishna devotee so ill probably stay up north. The advice ive had from friends is that its better to go with a guy and pretend you are married - just to save you from being hasseled by guys. Definiatly wear indian cloths - saries - punjabies - and be as modest as possible.

    if you cant take your bf - then at least wear a red bindi - and keep your hair tied back and covered as much as possible - this will make you more respectable and send a clear message that you are not available.

    also - brush up on indian body language -a direct look at a guy - for instance - is nothing short of flirting - even if its brief .. look at how other indian women behave and try to copy them. White women have a way of walking ,talking and even gesturing that to many indian men can seem quite provocative and wild ..

    i hope you make it though. My dream is to go bath in the Ganges :)

  2. I hope your wish come true in future. and i hope you have a better experience than naipal - who all through his childhood had an imaginary india in his mind. when he went india - it was a rude shock to him.
    though in this age of internet and going by your blog it doesn't seem to me that you will have that problem. but one never knows - india has the ability to both shock and fascinate people.

    india is relatively safe . though the safety varies from region to region. and undesirable incidences do happen to foreign nationals. so it is safe to have company.

    if you are a student - you can also try to manage securing a visit to some indian university/institution. it will be in my opinion the easiest way to assimilate and meet the young people in india. and then go to places of interest.

    - T or Basu