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Monday, May 23, 2011

Religious Compatibility

I've been noticing ever since I started dating ten years ago that I have the most successful dates and relationships with atheist men. According to the research at OkCupid, that appears to be the most successful match for Hindu women in general! I never would have guessed that.

In fact, from their study, there is mutual dislike between Hindu males and Hindu females! I don't know much about statistics and getting meaning out of data like this, but I wonder if its source has something to do with that. Perhaps traditional Hindus are highly unlikely to be on OkCupid looking for a match!

Apparently this might also mean that Hindu men are much more difficult to please, have stricter requirements for dates (and apparently Muslim men and women as well). That's what I gathered from OkCupid's own analysis.


  1. What an interesting chart. I think you are right that this online dating site would probably be the last call for a traditional Hindu. A traditional Hindu wanting a Hindu partner would go to a traditional Hindu marriage bureau before a site like this.

    I suppose there might well be embarrassment about meeting another Hindu in such a non-traditional surrounding, particularly if both came from the same community!

  2. Huh! That's really interesting! I also wonder if it's because Hinduism is such a personal thing, much like atheism.

    I am so curious to find out if someone has done a more in-depth study on this sort of thing...

  3. I'll tell you where they are...!

  4. Most Hindus would go to, where one can sort by vegetarian diet ( or not ) , language, education, job title and family background.

  5. I know a number of Indian parents who put up ads for their children on and it's the parents who are looking for matches, etc. It's a natural step to take after newspaper matrimonial ads.

  6. Interesting Post,I agree with others.

    By the way my parents keep telling me to open an account at , is it that popular that every one knows about it?

  7. Hahaha, yes seems to be the number one place to go if you're Indian and interested in trying online matchmaking.

    It might be something to take a look at, though Internet dating has a lot of difficulties.

    One family I know engaged their daughter to a man in America based only on his Internet profile and he turned out to be a no-good lout when family friends finally met him in person. They broke the engagement, but of course that's going to hang over the girl's head.

  8. @ Talking Bee- Save your money, email me :D I'm not too bad looking. I think, ask Aamba.


    Not advertising or anything are you??

    I do not believe the chart above, too many variables and these findings are not evaluated by any professionals. In fact, while the algorithm it ok, the questions that are posed are not formulated by professionals, therefore their accuracy and match results I take with a grai of sand. For some it may work, but all in all it's a free site, no one there seems to be serious etc. etc.

    Shaadi, hmmm I have mixed feelings about them. I made a free account to check them out slowly, get a feel for the site and what not. Being whitey in a place like this I wanted to start slow before I invested any money as it might be a waste for me. Any way over a month period I added things to my profile slowly, then finally the last thing to do was upload my picture. So this was the last step before I decided to invest money. WELL! I received an email stating my photo was rejected, citing no reasons, and then immediately following this email I receive an email demanding to see my "proof" of identity. WTF?! I thought. This was highly suspect. Whitey gives photo, photo rejected and now they need copies of proof of who I am. This was not asked in a nice way either. When I inquired as to the nature of the reason for this I was lead around and around in a circle and not one addressed my concerns straight out instead resending basically the same pre filled answer time and time again. I even asked to be forwarded to a manager because of the suspecting circumstances and was denied. So they deleted my account because I did not provide all my personal details right then and there.

    I think Bharat matrimony (or any of its subsidiaries) is better. But for those outside India the member ship are fairly expensive. So I just pretty much gave up. I got some interest there but their phone approval system will not allow me to call as it is Indian 800 number any my carrier will not let me call it.

  9. Shaadi doesn't even pretend that they're interested in non-Indian people being on there. I'm not surprised you had trouble. At least with JDate for Jewish people, you can go on there even if you aren't, or if you're a convert. Shaadi is for Indian people, no doubt about it. They don't want us. :(

    Yeah, I'm doing the Internet dating thing. It's interesting. This site is very cool. They are math geniuses and run their own statistics and write about some of the possible conclusions. They're very smart people. I can recommend okcupid, cause it is completely free and a lot fewer shady people than some. I've been getting some really promising dates from them.

  10. I've not had a good go with OKC. The women I've met there want all that a relationship intails, save for the relationship part. That's what happened with me and the lawyer girl. She wanted a BF in all senses of the word but without the BF part. I think this just might be the area. Here in Seattle they call it the "Chill". Anyway, I think I might save up my chips and have a professional match.

  11. I've been tempted to go the professional match route too, but... Well, I'll wait a while on that.

    You just need one, so even though the Internet sites might have a lot of people who are not honest about who they are or are just looking to get laid, you can still connect with some good dates.

    OKCupid definitely has a reputation for a lot of the users being interested in open relationships, poly relationships, that sort of thing. Certainly not what I'm looking for. I'm also not comfortable answering their insanely personal matching questions, but I skipped a whole bunch of them and I'm communicating with a couple of really nice fellows.

    I found Southern CA to be like that in terms of people not wanting to be "trapped" in an actual relationship, maybe it's the whole west coast...?

  12. There are 8 types of marriage in Sanatana Dharma. The best being where the father of the bride invites a learned man who is also of good conduct and compatible genes.(done by tracking lineage and horoscopes)
    This was known as kanyadaan and is the greatest of punya(good deeds). The manner of dating and subsequent marriage( known as gandharva form of marriage) is not equal to kanyadaan.. so choose wisely before you take the plunge

  13. A frequent question lingers in the mind of several people which is:Who is a Hindu?

    The term Hindu was coined by Middle eastern adventurers and buccaneers. Ancient People of India never belonged to Hinduism but to SANATANA DHARMA. Sanatana Dharma is the eternal of all human beings WITHOUT any distinction. Sanatana Dharma has two ancient traditions:ASTIKA and NASTIKA. Astika simply translates to "It exists" and Nastika to "It doesn't exist". Astika derives from the vedic root and holds vedas("knowledge") as supreme while the latter rejects them. Famous among the Nastika tradition are Buddhism and Jainism. Nowadays, Siege mentality has made its way into India and we have started to think collectively as Hindus which is actually a pejorative term for the people of India.

    As everyone is a "Hindu", you can feel free to marry anyone you please which is the point I am trying to make.