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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blogger Meetup!

HappyGoth of Also Hindu and I met up this weekend!

She and I are both knitters as well as non-Indian Hindus and we stopped in at the giant Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

It was so much fun to get to see HappyGoth in person and get a sense for what she's really like beyond the computer screen. I've met people from the Internet several times and it's always interesting to see how they are the same and different from what you expect.

HappyGoth, it was great getting to meet you! I hope to talk to you again soon :)


  1. Is she on ravelry,too? Its really cool for you to get to meet each other.hopefully,next time you come to India,we'd get to meet.My knitting is in cold storage,currently.Must start soon.I saw an interesting pattern recently.

  2. Yes, she is on Ravelry! She's HappyGoth there, I believe.

    I have not had the knitting bug lately, I don't know what it is. I lost interest, but I know something will spark it to come back at some point! Probably not during the summer, though, I suppose.

    I got a ten year tourist visa for India, so hopefully I'll be there again before too long!

  3. I'm HappyGoth everywhere on the internet! It's easier to keep track of me that way.

    Aamba, it was so fantastic to meet you this weekend! You are exactly as I'd expected you to be, which is to say that you were easy to talk to and delightful. I realized afterward that although I had been snapping photos all day, I totally forgot when we met up. I must have been excited. (Or maybe a little overexcited; it's much easier to self-edit on the internet).

    Let's continue to keep in touch!

  4. Oh yes, we should have gotten a picture! I didn't think of that. Ha!

  5. That is cool I have just started to learn how to knit. I know how to crochet I know how to knit and purl now. I do want to learn how to do more. Glad you had great meet up with your blogger friend