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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Favorite Thing

There's nothing more satisfying and enjoying than a discussion of religion between two curious and open-minded people.

I love to talk spirituality with people!

On Monday night I was invited to a Passover Seder at my best friend's house. Jewish religious events are the one time that I'm willing to drink alcohol, incidently. I hate the taste of all alcohol (and actually juice, milk, coffee, and tea as well), so for the four official "cups" of wine for Passover, I take itty-bitty sips!

Anyway, that's beside the point. During dinner I was seated next to a friend of a friend whom I've met, but not really spoken to. Somehow (because I'm great at causing this) the subject of religion came up (hey, we were at a religious event!).

We ended up having a fantastic discussion about spirituality. I was energized and riveted. He told me about his spiritual journey, his own self-discovery, as well as how he and his wife thought about how to raise their future children.

There is nothing more interesting to me. It was a great Passover experience!


  1. This was our conversation tonight as our children's school has been actively trying to indoctrinate them. Tonight she was sent home from school with a book on Noah's ark full of scriptures. We are really at a loss what to do. To live here means there will be some who think we are the "Crazy people who worship blue men." Trying to raise them strong enough to withstand the pressure...May Shiva give us that ability.

  2. That is very difficult! I worry about what I will do when I have kids, because I'm likely to get very angry and make a huge fuss. That is so inappropriate!

    If they are going to get Noah's Ark stories, than it should be balanced and you should be able to go into the school and give a presentation on Hindu myths and beliefs!

    Whenever I hear something like that it makes me want to home school! But that's just a knee-jerk reaction. I'm sure in the long run it will do your kids real good to learn how to deal with these prejudices and to stand their own ground.

  3. We went to school today, and the teacher promised she would take out the bible and other related books. I explained that such a story...where god would kill the whole world over an angry temper tantrum was something I never wanted my daughter to think could be possible.

    Our youngest chilren are seven year old twin boy and girl. (They are 7 and 8 in our children and our last) They came home in december with coloring pages of jesus and mary. I finally had to come out of the closet at that point. See, because we seem like everyone else...they immediately assumed we were christian. The kindergarten teachers were floored when the first grade teachers came asking what religion we were. Our lil daughter told them SAIVITE! lol It never came up, despite the fact I put it on their enrollment forms!

    Thank goodness for Google:P

    The one teacher is very open and immediately asked us to come in and talk about Hinduism. I declined this because the christians here in rural ky are mostly in a state of unawareness and I think it would harm and disturb them if we spoke of Shiva to their children.

    I love my community the ones around us so much, the last thing I want to do is harm them.

    I have considered home schooling..but being so isolated within the jungles of Kentucky...I felt it was more harm to keep them so isolated.

    I am glad you have a chance to think about this before such a thing occurs. Had I been given the chance to know the things my children would endure...we would have never bought a home here.

  4. Good for you! It's hard to be the squeaky wheel, but someone has to do it. It's great that you have the chance to educate these people who assume that everyone is Christian!