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Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming Soon

Coming soon from The White Hindu...

1) I was sent a review copy of a book called The Jedi and the Lotus, all about exactly how Hinduism was used in the Star Wars series. Hinduism is all over the jedi "religion" and I'm excited to find out the inspirations and how that came to be. So, I'll be posted a review of that when I finish it.

2) There's a new group creating a website based on celebrating the diversity of religion in America. I've written a short piece for them about how Hinduism helps make America great. I'll let you know when that's live. (Word of warning, I only had 750 words to work with, so I had to simply a bit)

3) Tonight is the talk and meditation seminar with the woman known as Ganga-ji. I'm stressed and wiped out and don't want to go, but that's an excellent reason to go! So I'll try to drag myself over there :)


  1. Namaste Amba,

    The following article have good statistics on Hinduism in USA.

    Hindu Americans: The Surprising, Hidden Population Trends of Hinduism in the U.S.

  2. if i am not getting it wrong, lucas once said that star wars is partly a tribute to the samurai movies (in particular to kurosawa) .
    and a samurai is a buddhist.

    are you sure that it is hinduism and not buddhism , both of which shares terminologies and some concepts?

  3. Hahaha, trust me, it's Hinduism. I can tell the difference ;) Yoda directly quotes the Gita and Upanishads. Lucas worked closely with Joseph Campbell, who guided him in the philosophy. I've only read the introduction of the book so far, so I'll let you know more details when I finish it!

  4. i am sorry, if i sound condensing.
    i know that you know the difference between the two. i was thinking whether the author of the book knows it.

    anyway, looking forward to the review.

    by the way, when i read harry potter i also feel a strong similarity with indian epics. certainly between harry-voldemort and krishna-kansa.

  5. I don't know about star wars but both hollywood movies "inception" and "the matrix" are based on the indic philosophy of maya(illusion).

  6. I'm good at finding Vedic philosophy almost everywhere! I don't know if it's really there or not, but to me it shows there is one truth behind everything, you know?

    This book looks seriously well researched, I think they know more than I do! I'm excited to see. At least it will give me actual evidence I can quote at people at parties! lol.

  7. sorry, i meant condescending.

    i mean i didn't meant to be condescending. :D

  8. :D Thanks. I guess I did take your comment too personally!