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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Hindu in U.S. Congress

Andrea M. shared with me an interview with the woman who is likely to become the first Hindu American in Congress. How exciting is that?

Here is a particularly interesting part of the interview...

Your dad is Catholic. Your mom, I believe, is Hindu. So does your Hinduism flow from your mom? How deep is it?I grew up in a multicultural, multi-religious household. My father is of Samoan/Caucasian heritage and he is a deacon in the Catholic church. However, he also likes to practice mantra meditation, including kirtan. My mother is Caucasian and a practicing Hindu.Are you a practicing Hindu?
Yes, I am a practicing Hindu. Some people are Hindus because they were born into a Hindu family, but may not have seriously studied or applied the Vedic teachings and practices. 
In that sense it's very much like many people in America who consider themselves Christians because they were born into a Christian family. But that's not my situation.I fully embraced Sanatan Dharma after serious deliberation and contemplation in my later teens -- it's not because my mother was a Hindu....
It's always interesting for me to find out about other Caucasians who grew up with Hinduism!

{Of course, one should avoid reading the comments. There is someone going nuts in the comments. It kind of illustrates the polarity of white Hinduism. Many embrace it and some become rage-fully angry over it.}


  1. Wow...I always feel the future of Hinduism in West is dependent on the Western Hindu people....It is Nice to hear people coming out and saying they are Hindu..I have meet many Western Hindus ..they have good understanding of hindu scriptures ..

    I am deeply influenced by the editor and team of Hinduism Today Magazine ..These people are doing great service to Santan Dharma..I am planning to visit them at Kawaui Monastry..

  2. I love the Hinduism Today magazine too!

  3. Love of Hinduism means love for humanity.. no,no,for the entire creations;Vasudeiva Kutumbakkam