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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Disturbing Story in the News

On Facebook today I discovered a post about this young Hindu woman who died in Ireland because the Catholic hospitals would not perform an abortion.

It certainly hits close to home for me as she was only 31, just about the same age as me.

The person who shared the article expresses the belief that the people involved should be punished for murder and that it was inappropriate that a Hindu woman be forced to accept rules based on Catholicism. However, it is a Catholic country (that part of it, anyway). To me this really showcases the need to keep religion separate from government.

She should have had the choice to go to a hospital that was not affiliated with Catholicism.

Being a religious minority is a terrifying thing. You cannot trust that your beliefs will be honored when they come into conflict with the majority.

Even for those who are opposed to abortion, it is difficult to see how you could make the choice to kill both the mother and the four month old fetus instead of saving the mother.

Be sure that where ever you live, you know what the laws about this sort of thing are. You cannot trust that your own religious convictions will be honored when they conflict with the religious convictions of the majority population where you live.


  1. I cannot believe it is 2012 and we are still making laws because of what we think our god thinks.

    As I wrote on Twitter, any god whose will it is that a 31 year old mother and her baby both die, just so he can separate them forever and send the mother to hell because she isn't Catholic, is a psychopathic monster that is wholly unworthy of worship.

    And that is exactly what the Catholic teachings will tell you happens. And that it's god's will that it does happen.

    God in a box is a very dangerous and useful concept. And it kills people, and we're supposed to sit back and accept it.

  2. You are right. Religion should be kept separate from government.