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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Friend

The Internet is absolutely remarkable for bringing people together.

Thanks to being Facebook friends with a blogger that I met once at a blog meetup, I got into a fascinating discussion about white women wearing Indian clothes and through that conversation I met Andrea M. who has just started a blog.

She is part of the community of western white women married to Indian men. I've enjoyed many wonderful conversations with such girls even though I don't quite fit that model!

Here is the link to her blog. Our conversations definitely sparked some thoughts in me, so I'll have a few new posts coming out shortly.



  1. Hey I just saw this! :) Thank you for the link! I need to update my blogroll as well. Then I can follow you more often. It's better than Google Reader... hahahaha

  2. It's been so long since I updated my blogroll, I need to actually find it again!

  3. Are you well versed in Bengali language?Asking this question because amarchotoprithibi is a pure Bengali word which means my little world

    Or you only know Devanagari language

    1. That's a question for Ms. Andrea M.! I am not familiar with the word myself.

    2. ami aste aste bangla shikhchhi bondhu :)