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Friday, May 11, 2012

Non-Attachment in Action

My boyfriend and I were talking the other night about the book Tao of Pooh. My boyfriend is a Taoist and says that some object to that book being considered representative or educational about Taoism, but he and I agreed that whether the philosophy in the book was Taoist or not, it was great.

I haven't read it in years, but when I did I found it very helpful in encouraging me to relax more and stop trying to control everything.  It got us thinking about other characters like Pooh who are able to calmly and happily go about their lives while strange or incredible things happen around them.

Like "the dude" from The Big Lebowski . Or Forrest Gump .

I thought about how all these characters really have non-attachment down.

The events that happen around them are the sort of thing that the average person would get very worked up about, and try to grab hold of the events, control them, profit from them, DO something with them.

The Dude, Forrest, and Pooh don't try to make the things happening around them belong to them. They don't try to grab hold, but just pause and smile and admire, then go back to what they're doing.

It's like being able to take every moment the way a child sees a butterfly.

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  1. That is the whole point of spirituality. In Hinduism, Brahman is the Cosmic Spirit/Universal Consciousness. And Aatman is the Individual Spirit/Consciousness. The meaning of Yoga is union, i.e. to merge the divinity within us (Aatman) with the Universal Divinity (Brahman) and become one with universe. There's a Guru in India by the name of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva who is fast becoming world famous, thanks to his Yoga programs. You may want to check him out here - Cheryl Simone spent some time with the Mystic and wrote a book 'Midnights with the Mystic' which has become very popular. Check it out on Amazon. It's written in very simple language and the wisdom is exemplary.