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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ambaa Hinduism

Recently this comment was left on one of my posts...
The problem with Hinduism is that it has been very Indian in it character. Here I mean that Hinduism is often associated with India. We have to understand that Hinduism which is practised in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia is not exactly same as the one which in followed in India. There they have developed their own ways and methods of practising and developing Hinduism. The White Hindus living in North America and Europe have got an opportunity to develop their own forms of Hinduism. They can and should link Hindu ideas and ways with their own culture and surroundings. They should not be dependent on Indian Hindus to guide them what Hinduism is or not. Instead them they should make their own Hinduism, let's say, American Hinduism or French Hinduism. For me, Hinduism is an individual journey. I don't need others to tell what to do or what not to do. I can explore it on my own. Bhavya Ketan 

It got me thinking that really a religion is so very individual. I don't mean whether or not it's a more community oriented culture or not, but rather that we each process and understand the world around us differently.  Even believing exactly the same guru, being in the same lineage, I will understand the teachings slightly differently from how you will.

There's no such thing as "Indian Hinduism" because there's as many different Hinduisms as there are individuals.

Over the years of writing this blog I have become more and more secure in myself and my practices. I am very comfortable with my place as a Hindu in this world. I no longer feel that I need anyone's permission to practice it.

I also practice it in my own ways. I leave out rituals that don't have meaning for me. I am confident that my practices are leading me on the path towards enlightenment.

I recognize that my path is unlike any one else's path. My religion is filtered through me and will always have my own unique take on it.

It really is true, I think. No one person's Hinduism is going to look exactly like another's.


  1. I agree! I am not a "cultural Hindu" and never will be. Indian food gets me all in a knot!:P

    But I love Beloved Shiva, with every single particle of this being...and i will spend my life devoted to him.

    I wear pants...long kurti...i am a Kentuckian. This is what vehicle i drive...for now.:P

  2. I am so happy to read this. It gives me hope and inspires me. It's easy to forget that there are many Hindu cultures and myriad ways to practice Hinduism.

  3. Reading some of your posts, I guess you're a little concerned about being a Hindu only because there aren't as many Western Hindus as there are Indian Hindus. However, I guess that's not entirely right. The problem with Hindus is, they don't advertise conversions. I was going through this video on 'Hinduism in Australia' on youtube and the guy says there are 1,50,000 Western converts to Hinduism in Australia alone.
    That's quite a large number. Search for 'Hindu Community Australia Part 1' on Youtube. There are three parts to it. Regards. Amit

  4. That is quite true, Amit. There are many people practicing Hinduism who aren't broadcasting it the way that I am! lol. Or people who practice Hinduism but don't call it that, like my parents.

    I used to feel very isolated in my religious practice, as you can definitely see over the years of this blog, but these days I no longer feel that. I'm quite content with my Hinduism now :)

  5. Dear Ambaa

    Let me just say a little about my knowledge of Hinduism. I am a Hindu by birth. But I don't frequent to any particular temple or
    holy places. To be telling the truth often 3-4 years passes by without myself visiting any temple. But I am a Hindu in my heart.
    I am not inferior to any other practicing Hindus because of never visiting temples to worship.

    Hinduism is an amalgamation of numerous terms comprising the plurality of religious phenomenon originating and based on the Vedic traditions. We Hindus don't have unified system of belief written in declaration of faith and creed. Hinduism believe each
    and every present religion to be true and all leads to the powerful Almighty God. Hinduism is the only religion which does not
    force any non believer to convert to Hinduism to know the religion, customs and creed or to practice Hindu rights. Yes I agree with Mr. Andrew that Hinduism as a religion is continuously
    evolving for good and indeed caste system seems to be a remnant of the past.

    Hinduism is not particularly a religion but a culture in itself. Anyone who want to know the real Hinduism should read the great "Swami Vivekananda". For me "Hinduism" does not ask it's followers to visit temples to worship but the holier things to do than worship will be to help the poor, to provide food to the hungry, to provide medication to the sick and to educate the mass to live in harmony. For myself Hinduism is not
    my religion but my basic duty to contribute towards the human race and the world as have been blessed by the God to have attained the Human life.

    Though I don't argue to know everything about Hinduism in my 30 years of life but as per my knowledge you are free to marry any men from any part of this beautiful world and of any practicing religion and still can follow and always will remain a Hindu.

    Hinduism is not only going to temples and worshipping but the only real part is to have faith in God as by the teaching of Vedic Scriptures and to serve the mankind and mother universe to attain the supreme spirituality and wisdom to complete life.

    May Lord Shiva blesses you with his supreme divinity in finding your Ideal man,happiness,peace,health,wealth and wisdom in your beautiful and able life ever after.

  6. Hinduism gives due to respect to individual decision and allows each to ripen at their own pace, irrespective of their race,culture or values. It doesn't possess its followers, rather the followers possess Hinduism. Known as Sanathana Dharma,Hinduism gives allowance for changes and adaptation, because it doesn't concern itself mainly with external life, but more with internal one. As a Hindu, everyone is right in their own way and perception, as long as they don't impose their ideas, concepts and beliefs on others.

  7. Hey, good to see you back online. Truth be told, I too went back to blogging and been working on a few related to Hinduism and the chaos it tends to bring with it :).

  8. Hi, Sriram! It's good to be back :) I don't have a lot to say, but I'll try to post a bit more regularly, not leave you guys for so long next time. lol.