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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My heart is unsettled

Surya sent us this link of images of the devastating floods in Leh:

It is so hard for me to hear about and look at images of people in pain. I hate feeling helpless.

Anyone have ideas about what we could do to relieve some of the suffering there?


  1. thank you aamba for this post.

    the only thing you can do from that far is to send money.
    but i think money is not exactly the problem here.
    indian govt. has reasonable amount of money to rescue and rehabilitate the affected people.
    they have only to efficiently reach to the people.

    so many people died mostly because it was too sudden and happened in night.

    a truly tragic event just before 15th august.


  2. Yes. I guess at this point the only thing we can do for these particular people is to pray for the well being of the survivors in whatever way we pray.

  3. the Indian army, it appears, did a great job saving lives using their air force. Some hundreds of foreigners camping there have expressed their gratitude to this efect. Money doesnt seem to be a serious problem presently. Media didnt complain much.The high altitude complicates the situation..surya