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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am running low on ideas, I feel like I'm repeating myself!

Chinmaya has let out for the summer and I have been so busy with work and school that I haven't been doing as much reading on religion as I usually do.

So, if you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas, do send them my way.


A couple nights ago my boyfriend downloaded an Indian Comedy Tour from Netflix and it was a little disappointing. I only found one of the five comics funny and one of them was so-so.

Here is a clip where some of the best stuff from that show was blended together:

The only comic not represented on that was a girl named Dahlia McPhee who was half Indian and only told one Indian joke.

I went to YouTube because I figured that there must be some funny Indian comics. My boyfriend told me to look up Russel Peters. I don't know how he came to have that name, but he is Indian and he is very funny.

Here are a few clips:

(Although, I have to say that I love the Indian accents)

Anyway, there's lots more!


  1. Aamba,

    Russell Peters has always been really good. To my knowledge he is an ABCD.

  2. I believe so. I was reading his Wikipedia page. His older brother was born in Calcutta, but it looks like he was born in Canada and that's where his family lives. His parents also have very western names!

  3. He is Christian. Which explains the name.

  4. I was figuring that must be it. I wish I knew more of the history of his family, since his parents also have the western names and I wonder how far back it goes.

    Not that it matters a bit, he's a very funny guy and that's what's important here :)

  5. He is an Anglo-indian-that is of Indian and europian mixed parentage[due to colonialism].I have many friends and classmates and teachers who are Indian Christans and Anglo-Indians.They have Surnames like Henderson,D'Cruz,D'Costa,Denis,Gabriel,Edwards etc. Earlier the Christians when they converted chose Christian names that didnot have any Indian input,Nowadays,they do not mind giving even Hindu names to their children,and some names are exclusively Indian Christian like "Amalraj",Amritraj""Yesudas" or "Sahaya Mary","Amalorpava Mary".In fact the Christian marriages have been Indianised to the extant that they also use the "Thaali"/Mangalsutra" for Marriage[with a cross embossed on it ].I don't know if they use the Ring ,too.

  6. BTW, "Eric","Maureen""Lorena""Dawn""Michelle" are names common amongst Anglo Indians in India. Anglo-Indians are a community born of Indian mothers and European[mostly English or Portuguese];but there may be some with French ancestors in the former French colonies. Most of them have migrated to Australia and other Western countries,though some still live here.

  7. Very interesting. I may have to do more research on this...

  8. Since u are trying to learn Hindi...Here is a link you may love to explore...Chandamaama...
    I myself am poor at hindi...

    This is every kid's bible in the growing mom used to subscribe Kannada chandamaama for us... In fact , there is a sanskrit publication too... It helped us spruce up our vocabulary...

  9. Thank you, Lakshmi, that looks great!